Why Some Research With Minimal Research Contents Accepted And Those with Sufficient Novelty Declined. Is there contacts, friendships needed to publish research articles?

Over the time of decades spend reading research papers and doing research, I have found an interesting fact. That there are many research papers having minimal research value, that some have just changed a parameter in the experiments and neither the results are astounding but the research is published in decent journal. How is this possible ? Is friendship, recommendations to get the students or colleagues paper published working in academia these days ??? What is the reason behind it ?

All this while I was submitting a decent research in a place where simple conference papers of lesser values are also published. And I got a message after repeated messages to them that, no this research is not of interest. While they have articles which are of so little importance. I have enough capability to determine the level of a research work.

I request the research communities to use fair means, so many Ph.D.’s are awarded with work of little significance and many with such bad state of work, while real works are not appreciated when approached.

Id is the difference between academia and industry, while academia seem to be workings on recommendations of colleagues and peer pressure and friendships prevailingv? Can a tussle with some prominent figure in academia make things worse for you, especially when you don’t bend down.

How contacts are used in academia? Is it evident form the number of co-authors you have with your research papers these days? Why so many co-authors in a research paper ?

Why an independent female researcher not acknowledged for her efforts ? Why as she/he is doing it all alone ?

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