Does Fear of Being Women Haunts At Times?#Afgan_Crisis #Women_Rights_Are_Global_Problem

“I am a woman”, says she

And yes she may be in any other part of world or in Afghanistan.

“But the fear mounts well, the fear that I am a women. The fear that I may not be able to live a life I want to live despite being worthy. I too have right to live life with my own choice. I too have right to be with a man with whom I feel right and who cares for me. It should be my choice. I should feel safe when I go out in evening leave aside nights. “

These are lines so many women around the world may be mummering in their hearts and cannot speak out.

A right on what basis, on basis of being part of this world. The world is saying Afgan women rights are in danger. That means they also stand by the unseen women who cant be heard in. The women right issue had been missing from main news since long. It is a global issue, now highlighted because of crisis in local region.

Yes, Afgan women rights may come in danger if the old regime of Taliban takes over rampantly.

There are two issues

(1) Security- That holds for general public too, since Taliban is same.

(2) Secondly, it is —– The Personal Women’s Rights and Safety

The international community when once takes up this matter must not forget the development of women all around the un-developed nations of the world. When making policies for women rights in Afgan, don’t forget the victims of women abuse, women traumatizers, bad marriages, …………so many others that I find is too painful for me to even write. Those that cannot come out, those suppressed by society, those who can but are not allowed to. These are women who cant speak, that they want their rights too. They want justice and security too.

Make women rights a global right. Rights that women are treated well, that women don’t have to live in fear– Do not limit to the fear from groups like Taliban, which have sparkled a sudden jerk of panic in women in region, about what shall happen, to the safety given to them while they were protected by foreign forces. There are so many who’s voices don’t come up in news and they are subjected to denial of basic rights. Yes, this had brought the women right question in limelight. Hence, it is to be considered that once, the local problem is being solved, do look at global problems as well. Women across the globe. So many living in constant fear of where and what will happen if and if _______ !!! So many stalked by men, so many tired of telling –a woman’s NO is a NO ! Some afraid to move out alone once the sun sets ——– IT IS A GLOBAL PROBLEM !

Women rights should be their birth rights!

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