Individual Responsibility In Healing of Climate Crisis

Men and Women starting matters, howsoever small it is. This article covers how every individual can help in healing of Earth in a the midst of the Climate Crisis. Here are the key points that quickly summarize what individuals can do. Yes we don’t have money to make the bigger decisions but we can take smaller level decisions. It is said that a pond is filled with small droplets of water. Hence these small efforts should somehow pave ways to bigger effects. Some points are as follows:

  1. Every individual is responsible, for we choose -we choose to use climate harming things.
  2. Steps even every individual can do, measure how much climate harming things we use, from the buttons on your shirt to the footwear one uses.
  3. We have a choice, to choose green products yes that may cost little more for a short span of time than the climate harming products.
  4. Choose environment friendly products.
  5. No amount of investments can change the individual minds. Hence be enlightened as an individual to choose the right green products.
  6. Till one day only green things shall be available as you as individual have to choose green things and other climate harming option shall be boycotted by people on large and hence shall be out of market.
  7. Every step matters, start first steps yourself, why just looking out for others.
  8. Start ecofriendly startups, start wooden buttons companies.
  9. If we cant start these initiatives ourselves—we can encourage these initiatives through our support by using their green products.
  10. First do yourselves then do critics and do respect measures small or big that people take and brains and time used in all this.
  11. Have gratitude for those who are trying to start putting efforts, time and energies in it.
  12. Yes some people are saying we have to challenge ourselves, go green then ~ why not start at individual levels then ?
  13. Say no to products causing harm to climate including a basic small thing like certain kinds of synthetic nail paints?

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