Migrants- Native Country or New Country ? Where do they belong? Why they running ? #refugee

The concern of migrant is world wide now. Its not a East versus West issue anymore. All places all over world are have borders inundated by migrants who wish to seek refuge in the new countries. The problem is deep and is not shallow. Where do the migrants who want refugee status want to belong ? The country of birth or the new country they seek refuge in ? For sure they are natives of the country they are born in till they get some diplomatic status in new country. Here are the main points to be considered.

  1. Reporters say migrants are facing humanitarian crisis and don’t have basic necessities.
  2. Yes, the food, water, sanitation need to be provided. But how long, and to how many people ?
  3. The problem root cause need to be analyzed.
  4. The root cause–Why they leaving their own countries.
  5. How much can a new country can accommodate as refugees. Still as a refugee.
  6. How would it help the people fleeing their own countries
  7. The root cause is ———–I understand that —–They don’t have basic humanitarian necessities in their own countries, hence they are fleeing.
  8. Some people like in Afghanistan are afraid of some perceived dangers from their own government, hence they are fleeing to nearby nations.
  9. Why the native country not giving them basic humanitarian support to poor people ?
  10. If the native countries are unable to take care of their its poorest people, why don’t thy openly ask help from international organizations ?
  11. If they are running for work–then every country have a process to apply for work—via job visas—
  12. It is responsibility of the native country to stop people at borders from crossing without valid passports. No one can get in another country like that.
  13. The international organizations should look into these issues, of illegally fleeing ones own country and let food and needs be provided in native countries.

Question is how long—shall people keep running from their own countries in need of food ?

Why food is not given to them before they cross the borders of countries they belong to ?From which they are fleeing unless they are in danger of lives.

Running away for food illegally in another country is not a ethical thing to be allowed by a native country, and they need to follow and talk to international aid for food, not to run away illegally.

Yes, if there is danger of life, one may camp outside country, but till how long. Permanent solutions are needed.

Permanent solutions are needed not QUICK FIXES as are being provided. Solution is basic food in native countries. Native Countries should not allow its citizens to go out without valid passports and provide for humanitarian necessities of people crossing borders .

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