AI based project for Finding Beginning of Virus using AI Simulations

There has been AI based projects that have been started for finding the origin of Universe, life, planets. There are Robotics based projects to teach people games like squash with the help robots. Well, I want to propose to the AI community why not a research project to find origin of virus, origin of planets, life, universe, learning squash can wait for a while.

Why it is important to study and extract the origin of virus ?

The main reason is virus are mutating a lot, lot of mutants have come up in past 2 years time only.

If one can find the origin, it can pave in ways in which new variants can be stopped from coming to form. If…

All that is motivated to me by the articles:

  1. World’s First AI Universe Simulator Knows Things It Shouldn’t (

This motivated me to ask question, cant we simulate what is happening now with virus ? We need similar toolkit for virus to end it forever!

It used Deep Density Displacement Model (D3M) to simulate what could had happened.

Then one can learn to predict the virus formation via AI as well. This may help in further research. May be in building a vaccine that may take care of any variant ? Who knows?

But being an AI researcher, this is what I can tell, to find things using AI as the scientist in above links have done for universe formulation predictions.

No one can go back in time. But one can use the current scenario to model what could had happened as done by scientist in links above.

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