CoronaVirus: AI based toolkits for Corona graph-time predictions. AI IS MORE THAN STATISTICS!

The companies which have decent workforce do invest in humanitarian works. Corona was not just a humanitarian work to focus on, it halted the world on large. The whole world, every person on planet came to know an intense virus has come – The virus that caused lockdowns, work-losses, poor health, severe after effects on heath, breaking of health care systems and many lost permanent professions.

So given that a huge talent of AI and Machine Learning Engineers are present on this planet. What is expected from them, especially from the talent leaders, the leaders of the companies that hire the best AI talents. What was expected for them to direct the research in right directions ?

If it was done by them—please provide me links I shall be glad to see the research by the top-notch not just by independent academicians.  It is not just about publishing research papers by academicians, as we need the software’s and models behind the papers, to make day to day predictions. It is about using these findings to help mankind not just publishing in a top impact journal. For example, learning the curve of the virus variant and predicting the virus curve in newer region, given the variable parameters. Or may be to predict the lifecycle of the virus in same region when the same virus hits back. We need the prediction toolkit from THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ASSOCIATION OF WORLD! Right?!

  1. What the AI toolkit predicts
  2. What the doctors predict
  3. Does that match
  4. May be it can help the doctors, and decision makers to plan things well.

The question What was expected from leaders of top companies ? Is gone now. Now the question is What is to be done now? As we don’t like crying over spilled milk !

  1. AI based prediction of a virus outbreak in a particular part of world. Use Time Series Data, so much data is collected on daily basis on corona virus and its variants. It can help the business plan for the work, plan their deliverables. People can plan travel. Small scale business can plan for planned leaves for their employees.
  2. We have moved much ahead of basis school level Statistics, in all areas research work. No one in technical research now talks of plain statistics and bar charts. Why corona virus research is lagging, we need predictions, more transparency in form of AI and ML applied on large data being accumulated daily.  Toolkits of AI are needed! Not just bar charts! What AI says, we want to know that too.
  3. We also want to know the logic behind what AI says—not just a black box !
  4. Yes Statistics is good for quick analysis, but what about the power of AI ? So much medical/corona related data being produced daily. Can’t one feed the data in one region to know when the new region effected by virus shall come back to normal life, i.e. free from the virus variant ?
  5. It  would be good if talent of researchers find out the distribution of each variant, what distribution a particular variant have in a particular areas.
  6. Learning a variant outbreak in a particular region R1 and when this variant comes to region R2, the people and system in R2 shall be much prepared with the variant — its latency, its potency both. [Hope I wont have to define latency and potency now]
  7. The people in any new region to be aware of latency of a variant, how much time it shall be in the region, how much it shall effect, what shall be the life cycle of variant in body of people in new region.
  8. See the graph of variant in another region and learn and send alarm to any new region detected to have a this variant with all information—nothing should be left to unpredictability. Given the advances in AI and AI in medicine.
  9. These research should had been done by now—lot of data was there. Just publishing research paper is not enough, the local regions need the toolkits —-AI based toolkits to plan travel, work and medical things as well.
  10. This is twenty first century, we are on high side on technology and research in AI.
  11. Make even more newer insights from AI for corona virus, if not research papers, make daily AI based forecasts of corona variants.
  12. Hope one day corona virus would end, but we need technology to support the science. Cant we learn corona virus, or science is just based on basic statistics ?
  13. It may need some math’s to add variant parameters, not a simple deep learning model. You can ask me if you need help in modelling.
  14. Though a simple deep learning model and ML models can help the business plan for the work, plan their deliverables.

If you need help I can guide you~~

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