Think and Grow Wise versus Thinking of being Rich

Thinking to be rich has been in market for long. This is a driving force for youngsters all these year. Are these “growing rich advertisements” deviating you from your soul and sprit wishes and desires? Think before you set yourself on some session to grow rich.

Be balanced, once you reached the place in life you desired! And look at life with open views! Look around, what is happening. Not just growing rich should be motive it should be growing wiser.

Yes, growing rich is good. But its time to redefine how to grow rich— One needs to grow wise as well; richness shall follow once you follow your passions. There should be a reason behind the choice of your career. Once you earn money enough to support your lives, look beyond at life with broad view. See what life is, what you are here for, not just a race, not just a social status not just materialism.

Work is to earn money, and enjoy the zeal life has to offer. Salary should not become a status issue of comparison and competition. It has become a number these days, people compare these numbers. Why, as “growing rich” have been advertised well?  

People  see a the prospective partner’s salary before getting in a relation, social security is good, but life changes within some time for many people, miracles do happen. And for some love changes everything.

Accept some have more minds than others, and will do more in lesser time, while you want to work for these many hours even if money slightly less but life is comfortable.

Impact world with your wise-ness, guide people with fact that work is a profession to earn money to enjoy the zest of life—and it should not become a status symbol.

All are equal as humans, whether a driver or a manager, all deserves equality. Yes, you are more blessed being earning more, or being more intelligent, hence you are responsible to guide the common people.

Common people are looking at salary as status symbol these days. This is a new trend in market, how much you earn.

Everyone don’t have same intelligence levels; some don’t like the highest paying jobs even if intelligent; everyone can’t earn that high. These are truths of life. People need to be respected for what they are and what they earn. 

Hence, think and grow wise not just rich.  I am not telling you to leave the high paying jobs, just that you have reached a level, you should be growing wiser now on. Normal people expect you to answer the questions to problems and your opinions as you are earning higher than them, hence having more intelligence than others.

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