Solar Energy made from Units with Plant cells! Can Plant Cells Learn ?

Solar Energy made from Plants in Units with plant cells! As even solar panel need semiconductors! They too have shortages! Why not grow plant cells in labs to study how much energy they produce when trapping sun light. Not all plant cells shall produce energy, but some can store energy! This energy may not be in form of what humans consume from plants, but what can be made to electricity — that is one that can produce motion! Hence producing electricity! Growth of cells make motion! Plant cells can grow, given sunlight and water is provided. This shall produce growth in the testing unit and hence motion, a push to piston, and when it over grows, cut it out — to be fed to cattle’s! May be some idea out of it can be taken for Biology Researchers! Or may be a way out to extract energy from the plant cells in other ways — The plant cells stored Energy, that animals and life forms use! Why not this energy be utilized ? What is the mechanism of breaking of carbohydrate to produce energy on which animals work! Why cant it create energy! And it needs plant cells and Sun light — That is it!

This article was motivated by recent research on brain cells in by Australian startup for replacing chips by brain cells. Yes there is a global shortage of chips, cars need it, computers need it now even documents are needing microchips. And the ethical concern is no one is willing to reduce the use of chips made from mining from Earth! No one!

So this news comes in that brain cells have been used in labs to learn the way human brain learns. These have been trained to play ping-pong and are learning faster than AI, for reasons given on web being, this has self organizing maps. Further, it needs electric impulses to produce this result however much lesser than what the current chips require. That is a good power source sorting out.

But the real concern as mentioned in web articles is the availability of human or animal brain cells to make for the huge market demands of chip industry. Well this was a good research by the donors who donated for science community. However, extracting cells from human body or even animal body for anything but medical understanding is not right, it is not about Ethics! It is much more than that! No one can produce mass fetus in labs just to fill in chip industry — it is so bad! These are lives! These are biological things not a chemical industry!

However, my initial response to this news when it came was — “Is it the new source of Energy or a Monster in Making”. Both hold well, human cells, human embryos, even animal cells and animal embryos should not be allowed to be experiment in labs. Please simulate it all in software’s, how they shall look and what shall come out — with the help of AI based Digital Twin Technologies! We don’t want to make a breed of monkeys in lab which are smarter than human, what for? To work for us! And then this breed asks its space ? This is in reference to a news that some scientist’s have done editing to a monkey in developing it in lab, to study the effect. Well do it on AI digital twin simulation!

All of us have seen Jurassic Park movies, both parts. There was a lab in the movie, where animals were made and edited! I think if not from logic, we can study from what was there in the imagination of the Movie Makers of Jurassic Park.

Anyways back to why it can be a good news. Well study the cells of roots of trees. And why I was happy to see the video was that there was a motion produced in the process, hence, motion can be produced by other cells, taken from plants. This is a first step though taken in a wrong direction. But correct the direction to plant cells, why not grow plant cells, plant roots in labs, our animals are eating plastics, they shall get lot of plants to eat then, though plants made in labs, good till we get land fertile, to the fertility levels!

Another, good things is plants grow too! Experimenting on animal, birds, fish and human cells is not right! But effect can be studied on plant cells, yes this may not make up a chip for sure, but can help to make life, in other planets in world. This can produce motion, from think what ? Think- Yes motion from Solar Energy! For that one need to study ! What is the logic behind this! Think! Yes — — the basis of life on Earth is Sun! Plants take Sun Energy to make all things that animals, humans and other life forms take, be it oxygen or nutrition! So growing plant roots cells, plant leaf cells, can make energy as well! Initially it shall for sure make food for our cattle’s, but no research finishes in one step. Solar Energy made from Plants in Units with plant cells! As even solar panel need semiconductors! They too have shortages! This is why it was a good step-but I think it took a slightly wrong direction. We should not morally mass produce — — animal cells in labs — ! Plants are different, may be a insight in mythology can answer this difference to you! Or I shall cover it later.

And regarding chip making from brain cells! Well, I am just interested in the motion these ping pong playing cells were making, as even our solar panels need chemicals and metals extracted from Earth. Rest why not try same experiments on plant cells and see what it learns ?

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