Should Private Sector Salaries be openly discussed On Job Advertisements ?

The recent news says – Disclose Salaries On Job Advertisements in the world hub – NYC !

These are private companies not government org! That was their right ! Is this NYC ? The Hub ? Dictatorship ? There is a difference in working in private sector, where people work to contribute, the main emphasis is interest, own goals, personal progress. While in government sector people work in with power to serve people and power to change for better not for worse, there is a strict pyramid structure and power included!

Ethically salary should never be discussed in work life. There are so many companies where employees are being told not to tell their salaries and not to disclose it while at work. Ever thought what is the reason ? The logical reason to this is that – one should work for profile, contributions and not just salary! Salary is needed – but one works for interests which is complemented by contributions in form of salaries.

So why government salaries are known well before time, as most of these profiles, people start early and regulars increments are provided, those joining top positions are supposed to be having experiences as junior levels, or equivalent educations or as other experiences in businesses self owned or in partnership. This defines the perks. They serve the country, people for righteous cause, not to just make a name.

While private sector is much dispersed and a lot of diversity in work profiles are there. There are people working in various domains and profiles, and many companies follow equality at work. People are considered equal, whether some one is a Software Engineer or a Project Manager, even if the Manager shall be mentor when needed. All are considered equal and people work in a jovial way and contribute towards their goals as set by the organizations work and common goals.

Salary was never discussed in work life, in co-operates to make this jovial atmosphere work. And not people looking at each other as a matter of pay differences. Why not work with serene environment without worrying what the other person is making ? Is this a race for salary ? What are you making people work for — profile, contributions, aspirations, interests or salaries ?

One should work for aims, this is why so many people don’t take up jobs, as they are told the other person is paid more. And they don’t want to be looked down just because of Salary, which may be lesser as the person have rejoined work after recovering from Cancer, howsoever much more talented than another whos salary is double than him now! This is not ethical.

Who knows if they now even ask them to tell pantry and cafetoria menus as well ? Should people be told coffee in office shall be from fresh coffee-bean grinder or a mix ? These are incentives – not profile ! The incentives should be used to attract the best talent and retain them for sure, every company have this right. But so many profiles have flat hierarchy, where this salary talks in office, shall just increase office politics on promotions and constant salary increment talks as a regular topic to be talked with the manager, why the person in the next cabin makes some 1K$ more and this makes a nice environment to work ??

And why all employees are paid different – there is a logic to this as well. Understand raw facts you shall know that too. There is a strict pyramid structure in government organizations while comparatively flatter structure in private organizations. Everybody contributes in teams or individually, while in government the system is different, there is ruling, they have the power, hence hierarchy is essential! This is not so in private sector. So many people dont like to work in government sector because of hierarchy of power systems. This is not so in private companies, people contribute, work, get salaries and cheerish the way they like. Same position of Senior Data Scientist have several kinds of salaries, and no one worries about it till now. But now when- jobs shall be made as tenders with salary display – what the society and harmony in society shall look like ?

People wont take up jobs even if they need too, as salary shall be an open topic of discussion. How much you make ? Not — how much you contribute ! Some wouldn’t have minded to work for lower salaries, and some with flexible bonus. But this is making people, switch jobs more frequently, more disparity, just money-minded society. It should be choice of company if they want to tell or not.

This shall create people compete for status defined by salary not by work not by contributions. Another race for salary shall start! With this people shall compare salaries constantly not work profiles anymore ! Who shall benefit – the ones who aims are only increments ! Divide in society shall begin ! One should work for aims, aspirations and then salary comes at end, hence profile is mentioned at all places to target the best people, salary is negotiated in the end of any interview!



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