A complete crash of a political system build over 20 years: Afghanistan

Some countries are saying this is new chapter of Afghanistan. But what should one conclude from last chapters ?

What is a system ?

A political system generally in most cases, build over years, include not just the President who left the chair he was holding. A political system is a complete framework with which the government works including legal, medical, police, army, special forces, to mention a few.

Who takes care of govt in absence of the President ? Or when President is on leave for some time?

In Haiti it was seen, government was working even after no head was there. All these measures are well taken of in most systems and if this is not there in a system as old as 20 years. There must be having enough stakeholders to take care of things in his absence.

What all are included in system?

In most countries — Police, Medicine, Legal System, Army, Airforce, Municipality, Food and Supply, Immigration Department to mention a few are included in the system which the elected members have to take care of.

Where are the heads of districts, local regions and local system and co-heads (which take decision in absence of head) gone?

Head can take leaves too— who handles things in his absence?

Where is the district police gone? Vanished??

Where is Well developed Defence forces of Afganistan gone? No where on scence?

Did they drop arms on just seeing an opposing party ?

If so why ? Was there some agreement between the two?

Where is the Speaker of Parliament and local houses gone?

Where are they ?

Where is the legal system gone ?

Why no one is asking ?

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