Green Peas Vegetable Mix- In 10 minutes and Spicy

Recipe for One

Ingredients: 250 grams green peas, 1 medium sized potato, 3 spoon cooking oil of choice, 1 spoon black pepper, salt and optionally milk cream. That is it.

Step 1. Take Green Peas and one potato, wash it and cut in very small pieces. Heat 2-3 spoon of cooking oil of choice in frying pan till then. I used mustard oil, as is readily available here.

Step 2. Once the cooking oil is heated add 1 tea spoon of black pepper in it. And immediately add potato and peas into frying pan. Start mixing it.

Step 3. Put 1 glass water in frying pan. Close the lid for 5 minutes in low flame. Make sure water does not dry. Or you can stand by wait for it to be boiled in 5 minutes in high flame. Potatoes are cut small, hence will boil faster, else may take longer to cook. Add salt and red chili powder as per taste. I used 1/2 spoon of salt and 1/4th spoon if chili powder.

Dry extra water by increasing the flame. For me measurements given here were suited well.

Step 4. Dish is ready to be taken by those who don’t want to eat milk cream. Dry it a little by heat, not burn it, for new to cooking people.

Step 5. Those who want to make it tastier. Add one spoon of fresh milk cream and mix well for 1 minute. Dish is ready tasty and spicy to be taken hot with any kind of bread, buns or burgers.

Step 6. Finishing step, drying out process.

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