Children have right to ask and demand elders. But they need to understand how real world works and what ending Climate Change really means!

Children have right to ask things from parents and elders. But children are never satisfied with the gifts they get. And always want more even if they are unapproachable things or if they are out of capacity either.

Climate change is one thing I saw children rallying around today in TV for climate change. Yes it is here. But you need to get to adulthood to understand the real life challenges that are needed to be tackled to implement these things.

Climate change is not just a sentence “we want big companies to close as they causing climate change” . This is not the way it works. Imagine your own car stops as the car making company stops it services on your demands. And even more a covid treatment stops as you wanted a NO to certain essential good in healthcare.

No it is bigger than that. Climatology is a full subject in its own self. And even those with a masters degree in such sciences like environment science are struggling to find solutions to deal with climate change issues.

Saying that things are not working is easier. Going on ground and doing it in real time is a totally different thing. Children and young adults at times don’t understand this, and they want things at times which are at times not even plausible and within the confines of adults.

I suggest youngsters to trust their adults, and study and specialize in one of the related fields and present solutions rather than just demands. And contribute by knowledge not just by demands.

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