Women taking arms against Taliban, why men in Afghanistan not helping women and normal people in their fights ? Esp. those men who were trained by The Americas ?

It was shocking to see a women yesterday fighting with Taliban groups members, and many more such videos have come up in past few weeks.

Women are fighting on their own, normal people are running to borders. Where are those men whom The Americas and associates trained ?

Is it responsibility of global community to take care of each and every citizen there, why don’t the trained men stand up and protect the vulnerable.

So many women are in fear, they are getting panic attacks as seen by their voices on television. Why no support provided by other women to them ?

I cant understand why everyone in Afghanistan is just watching it all happen and showing their concerns. Why ? Why don’t they go and fight and tell Taliban, you are not welcomed ?

Raise voice if you don’t like and don’t want to be under Taliban. It seems like no-one wants to be under Taliban. As all are fleeing to borders and exit gates.

So whom Taliban wants to rule?

I being a women myself have to write being afraid of Taliban myself ? Are you all afraid of Taliban to ask a WHY ?

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