Rose Mint Drink in 2 minutes- Why Should Men have all fun with darker drinks?

Here is a drink motivated by fascination that men have so many options of darker drinks be it wine or anything. I personally don’t take alcoholic contents even to minute degrees. So was thinking to have some fun with darker shades of mocktails.

simple and easy- and gives a feel as if — 🙂

Recipe for one is given here. It is high on mint contents – try higher content if it suits you. I love high on mint drinks.

Step 1. Take handful of fresh mint and wash with water.

Step 2. Take 5-6 spoon of rose syrup. Rose syrup is available in market with sugar as preservatives.

Step 3. Grind the mint in mixture with some water added to it, till mint is in form of a juice.

Ste 4. Simple, mix the two add more chilled water to fill the glass. And I found it tasty! Rest check with your likings. You may try salt and lime in it– gradually. I rather prefer to enjoy this flavor as of now ! Make sure it is sweet else add more rose syrup in it. My rose syrup was red and had enough sweetness.

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