Taliban Should have waited till all foreign troops, citizens and allies were out. Taliban should be responsible for the Chaos

Why was Taliban in so much hurry?

Why didn’t it waited till all foreign troops were out and the allies were given a way out?

All Taliban created was a mess, fear, surprise and Shock!

Why our media not questioning the timing of Taliban- It had developed so much power, It should had waited a while till all were out peacefully.

If people of Afghanistan wanted Taliban. As there was no revolt and all gave up peacefully to Taliban wishes. At least as it seems. Why wasn’t the transfer of government in Afghanistan from the ruling party to Taliban handled in the same effortless way, at a later date.

Media, news reporters were themselves caught in surprise as they are not even ready with these questions that they should have asked. So when media itself don’t have right questions ready how can it blame the foreign leaders with inaction ? Media did you asked Taliban ?

Why media is not asking Taliban for its timing ? What was the hurry ?

Why Taliban was not held accountable for the fear, mayhem, chaos and urgent hurry ?

Why Taliban didn’t talked of these things clearly to ruling govt and leaving foreign forces?

Why media just playing blame game on western leaders while ignoring Taliban role in all this mess ?

Taliban created this mess and should hold the responsibility! What media is showing looks like — It was Taliban declaration and people were not prepared.

No———— It was a shock to all the world given by Taliban.

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