Life is beautiful in West ? Is that the reason why everyone is rushing to west ? Is West the heaven of Earth ?

  1. There is so much pollution everywhere. May be in west there is little lesser pollution, dirt and waste. Life is beautiful in West hence everyone wants to go to west ?
  2. I am no different, to go to west — I can take any visa, be it a refuge visa, to seek the heaven on Earth as does the people who left for there.
  3. West seem like clean, beautiful.
  4. All basic needs are easily available in West.
  5. There is no pollution in West as much as in developing countries.
  6. Water bodies are clean there
  7. No smogs
  8. No dirt filled airs, here even before corona — pollution masks were recommended to be used.
  9. Is West the heaven of Earth?
  10. And everyone wants to go to heaven.
  11. Why no one wants to work out and sort issues in developing and poor countries
  12. Issues like -pollution, carbon footprints, plastics, garbage, water contamination by fertilizers, chemicals, soap….so on…
  13. If all talented people go to west, who will be left to develop the poor and developing nations
  14. The people I talked to —all were well educated people, high in profiles——I asked them–why you want to go to any Westerns country? They said we can go to any country in west. I asked why? They said
    1. There is no dust, no waste
    2. People follow rules
    3. There is no polluted air
    4. We and our children at least can breathe fresh airs
    5. There is good quality water
    6. Good quality products
    7. And above all——its beautiful to live in
    8. And one gets social security—unlike in other nations
  15. So my question is, who will make the developing countries cleaner to live?
  16. Do you know the pollution levels in poor and developing countries ?
  17. Why not make developing and poor countries become a heaven too–?

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