Scotland’s referendum; Don’t be brainwashed

Scotland’s referendum was rejected today. The speech seemed like a brainwashing talk to brainwash the audience, and it was really brainwashing. Don’t blame them for your failures, tell them what solution you have for citizens. A famous saying says, “Don’t blame others for your inactions”.

My question is simple, had the leaders of Scotland provided solutions to ongoing problems, as it blames all these problems on caretaking heads, this is not done! Or this referendum a means to hide your weekpoints.

  1. Did Scotland’s government deal with Energy Crisis? Don’t blame on them.
  2. Did Scotland’s government handle Climate Change in the country well? Don’t blame on them.
  3. Did Scotland’s government reduce pollution in the country? Don’t blame on them.
  4. How many new jobs were offered?
  5. How many scholarships were given?
  6. What about the waste disposal system in country?
  7. What about women’s security?
  8. What about other matters such as tax reduction for need-based applications?
  9. and many more, questions that the people of Scotland can ask..

Brexit is not the reason for energy charge hikes. Nor Britain is responsible for Scotland’s pollutions or air quality…

The referendum calls for another division, and then how can it blame Breexit when it itself wants to exit the current system of coalition? Dont be brainwashed, think of on your own. UK already came out of EU recently, another exit out wont be that good. If you want exit know the rulings under which it needs to separate out not on brainwashing arguments but on your own needs. See your needs and figure out what is best for Scotland and if needed choose a right leader as the people of Scotland decides.

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