AI based Pets and Animal Care in Your Absence. “Duck Duck Go” Pets.

AI based animal and pets care can be done in

  1. The place where animals are, is a center where animals are kept to train for some hours a day.
  2. The place where you live, via a personalized bot or robot care.

No this does not mean animals will speak or write or use laptop. Just they would be able to tell their happiness, problems to the bots who may guide them well. Maybe humans shall help them in this learning journey. And when the person comes home, then the bots can be switched off as the fluffy cat loves hugs more than chatting with bots about where to drink milk form.

These things are not much in system right now, mostly those AI based bots that help animals are in their sheds for cows and horses.

But what about the common every other house pet?

  1. Are there enough day cares for pets of all kinds?
  2. Are there enough bots trained to guide the pets at home?
  3. Are pets being allowed to be trained by bots in classrooms to teach them these things?

No — we are not fully there, yet the path has been started.

The animals were taught by humans, to the best by understanding the sounds at least, emotions, and voices. Now it’s time for semi-supervised learning with both humans and bots to train pets in their absence.

Imagine a world filled with Robotic AI and where animals are living with sophisticated AI gadgets too, to guide them and to talk to them? A robot to take care of herds and animals when the owners are away at work. And the smart watch of the pet can tell them to listen to you to guide the wrong path. WRONG PATH, yeah lot of cats and pets forget their path back home, smart animal watch can for sure guide them the way back, after extensive training, or just a little love.

People would enjoy most with animals and their pets trained in these schools, learning without knowing to learn, how about that? A fun classroom for pets of nice kinds studying together.

Animal learning with “Duck Duck Go” Animals is not easy, but this can be a future given humans too have started depending on gadgets a lot.

Note 2: Some of these images in this article, these were made with help of AI, in particular with OpenAI latest product.

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