The Rise Of Taliban: Its a Part of World History Now. If media not analyzing, Historians Should

Its a part of world history now. Congratulation Taliban, you are part of major conquests in modern times now. Whether one accepts or not. This is not the government the foreign forces wanted to leave Afghanistan to take care of the lands they cradled like baby.

It is a group some intelligence said may take over over a period of time. But did anybody told the actual strength, power and weapons they had. Just telling, it may take over by Dec 2021 is not enough, its vague, you need to tell how much power it has gained. Power gained right under the head of protection by foreign forces. Under the fostering and nurturing of foreign forces Taliban Grew. It is a must topic of study by HISTORIANS if ignored by MEDIA. Is Media afraid of Taliban to ask these questions from it ?

A barbaric looking conquest or a planned mission ? Media is not analyzing it, may be historians can then.

It all looked like a fiction and a nightmare come true.

Where did it gained so much strength from?

Where did it get all the necessary things to become a dominating force in Afghanistan to take over the government?


How the communication managed by Taliban right under the eyes of foreign forces ? Do they have a communication satellite as well ? I don’t know much about communication asking by getting in shoes of a historian.

Any big thing like this require a communication system? How did the small groups conquering town after town communicated.

This can be called the RISE OF TALIBAN

But it must be studied by historians and media for primarily the following reasons:

  1. It was unique thing in modern days. You are doing conquests like barbaric times in the most developed stage in history. I remember an equivalent in history being Rise of The Mugal Empire.
  2. Would Taliban want to grow outside Afghanistan as well? A eager journalist question?
  3. Its The Rise of a new Empire. And the planned way in which it was executed left everyone in SHOCK AND AWE.
  4. How did Taliban managed to grow in past 20 years. Even Stronger than the people trained by foreign forces. Who supplied them ?

It is worth a mention and part of study in History Books by History Researchers and a new topic of Ph.D. in history department and strategic sciences department.

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