Pasta Omelette

Last time it was egg Pasta, where egg was mixed in excess of Pasta. This time it is Pasta Omelette where Pasta is dipped in excess of egg in comparison to Pasta.

And It made my day! yummy! I don’t know if you would like it or not. And you may choose a smaller size pasta, I was too eager to make it than to bring smaller shaped pasta. I love fully cooked omelette, so don’t expect me to show recipe of half cooked egg pasta. Would rather like to see yours half cooked egg pasta.

Step1 : Take 3 eggs beat it. Cut one onion in very small pieces

Step 2. Take well boiled pasta of 1 small bowl size. Mix the beat eggs and boiled pasta in a bigger bowl add a small pinch of salt, a big pinch of pepper powder and a very small tinge of red chili. Beat the mixture well. Boiled pasta can be stored in fridge using some oil. You can check this process if you want to store in fridge, I never tried storing boiled pasta. I used fresh boiled pasta while I was doing some other stuffs.

Step 3. On a flat frying pan, put enough butter to cover the boundaries. And spread the mixture on pan.

Step 4. Let it heat. Flip the side with a big spatula. Add more butter.

Step 5. Its ready. Check the level of cooking you like in an omelette with spatula. And I loved it. It made my day.

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