AI can create jobs. What is the long-term vision for the AI future that you bet on?

Yes, some say AI can cause harm to humanity, well, driving a car in the wrong lane can make the people in the car as well as people in the opposite direction wounded. If you know where you are heading to, you would barely make mistakes. For youngsters knowing they would work in AI is easy but for middle-aged folks to shift to a new domain is tough, but not impossible. When shall someone enter for a job in a new domain? When the person is sure that the new chosen path would lead somewhere fruitfully and shall not leave him behind again. Some security in case this path branches out to a new domain, would be a help in setting new aims.

Yes, everyone is scared of what AI has taken form you, the speed at which automation are done, the pressure on you to compete with machines, the daily work which AI learns from you? What for you think? When can I make my old things, when can I be in an old routine? Would I be left behind again, if I start a new domain? Would I get enough training to start all over again? Will I be paid correctly?

So, know your path, measure the distance to your destination, manage your speed, and decide your new journeys? Why should I change? I have put in so much effort, is the most important question!

Ask form your leaders what is the vision to future in this domain? Would my traning be worth it? Would this field end in a deadlock? How is health being insured? How is the pension scheme working in this domain?

So, AI can create more jobs, but what visions are they setting for their own companies, leaving aside for common people like you and us?

What visions do you have to share — tech leaders ?

If the tech leaders are not sure of what to aim for, how can common workers retrain in AI? How?

One tech leader, said yesterday, that, “AI is dangerous to humanity”, while he sells his cars which he says have AI, then if you doubt AI, how can your cars lead the right way through? That is not leadership, either you take back all your cars or make people see how AI is used in your cars. And to separate the bad AI from the good AI.

There is a lot AI can do, but if you know what all AI can accomplish won’t harm you then you would know it shall give back what it has taken.

Yes there are wrong things in AI as well, which need to be curbed such as editing, some wrong AR-VR, some things chat-GPT should not produce for children, self-image and AI are harming children, wrong and intended recommendation systems, intentional and harmful advertisements, job loss, danger through digital arts, to mention a few. These are the things that can hurt humanity.

While on the other hand, AI is creating jobs as its goals widen its arms. But for that we need leaders with right mindsets, and better opinions. It’s not a grocery store where the same things are sold all time, no, it’s a new corridor each year; where you don’t and won’t know what and how so early. But setting a small term goal if not 20 year goal would be good to start up.

To the tech leaders, set up a long-term vision, and see goals Planet Earth has, not just individual countries. See what is needed, how people shall work, how livelihoods would be handled, and where humanity would lead both in Space missions to on Earth missions from inter country to intra-nation goals. The tech leaders who fail to understand these goals need to understand them in the coming times, it’s not the mistake of leaders of various tech companies, as AI has surged and shown itself to be a power with OpenAIs debut ChatGPT, as in as never before.

Good Luck! Ask for your goals!

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