Travel to Solar System on Speedy Asteroids

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In this year 2061, all asteroids are managed by Central Robot Processing Servers which work from various centers in the Solar System and beyond.

Robots are used to help Earth Center about when and where which asteroid is positioned. Many bots are drilled into asteroids that run to far off places in the solar system and some may be thrusted to go out of solar system to explore more. Thrust can be provided by solar energy, fuel energy or nuclear energy.

By this year, construction of houses has started on asteroids, for these asteroids need no fuel for high-speed travel around the solar system. And humans with the right oxygen bags can travel space sitting on asteroids. The only thing is by then many robots should have been tested to make sure travel on asteroids is safe for humans. Once an asteroid is declared safe for human travel, construction can be done on asteroids with 3D and 4D printers.

Humans get into asteroids with flights to the most approachable location to the asteroids, which means flights from this place to Earth’s atmosphere.

In this year in skies are some green asteroids, some made of stone, and some have soil where humans can grow plants and trees. Some asteroids can be used to explore technological advances.

They shall make Solar System a travel place for humans. Some humans take with them pilots and explore the world outside the path of asteroids. The pilots used to give direction to asteroids using the four corner wings on asteroids. Further, thrust is provided with nuclear energy when solar energy alone is not sufficient. That is all for small asteroids, difficulty is still there for large asteroids.

Robot Marita already planned a travel with her owner to Planet Jupiter’s much-loved Moon. A stay of few days there, seeing humans there, to have a nice travel, and then back to Earth.

Excited to travel on an asteroid in the Universe, just that you need oxygen and food stocks and if plants can grow on these rocky asteroids, then food would be taken care of.

Enjoy the fictitious journeys of the future.

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The story is completely fictional, and imaginary and is for mere reading. The story is not meant to be corelated to any real incidence as this is imaginary story.

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