Robots flying the Asteroids Responds

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While all robots went to be seated well in the meeting room. Only robots from the International Joint Program were left here.

Soon they saw in the skies, some of the asteroids were accumulated.

Tisoko said to all in meeting area, “These asteroids in the skies were run by robots. These robots are drilled in asteroids.”

“And the robots run these asteroids around the solar systems. Some of the robots were seen to have wings to give a direction of flight to asteroids. These are thick iron wings.”

“The wings on asteroids and on robots were used to give direction for asteroids to fly.”

Tisoko pointed out to the asteroid and the robot on it and said, “These are solar-powered robots, to maintain the solar system and its asteroids. Some asteroids were sent out of the solar system with these robots on them. There is huge research work going on in this area. They had invested a lot in them. And alien studies lag behind. Let me go out to address them.”

Tisoko waved at him and said, “Hey buddies how are you doing?”

“Hi, I am Kavalpi, We are fine, I received your message. I was nearby so I changed the path of my travel to see how I can help you. Others followed me, they are at a distance from here, so talk to me for now.”

Tisoko was excited and he said “There was an Alian nearby, did you saw any spacecraft or aliens on your path ?”

Kavalpi said, “Not yet, I would be mindful of watching alien and its spacecraft.”

Tisoko said “Call back on my system, if you saw some. I will take permission from Earth Control Center and from Nanena Space Station around Earth’s Moon.”

Kavalpi was excited, “I will be in touch with you, I shall pass these messages to all asteroids near Jupiter as well. Together we can find the alien. Let’s hope for the best. Thanks, do send me a draft from Earth Center to fund this Alian mission.”

While Kavalpi was speaking other robots on other asteroids were looking excited to hear these conversations.

Tisoko was happy to hear his comments on the progress of Alian technologies.

Tisoko went to the meeting room in which were seated International joint committee robots. He exclaimed, “I just had talks with Robots with wings on Asteroids with artificial iron wings. They would help us find Alian as well. I think we all can just charge ourselves and then continue with the meeting. On the right are charging wires.”

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The story is completely fictional, and imaginary and is for mere reading. The story is not meant to be corelated to any real incidence as this is imaginary story.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

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