Check Your Recommender Systems- Algorithms–What needs check is Hacking– #Facebook

Todays news of Facebook, showing wrong content. I think it is just about an algorithm. No body sits back and manually put a news on top of the list for some non-profit news which is not an advertisements. Let me explain some computer science behind this.

The persons preferences are read by machine and understood. Typically time stamps are also needed. Once a person reads a hate content. The keywords gets more emphasis. If the recommendation algorithm runs using “Recurrent Networks” which do not forget the latest news. Then similar more hate content are published. This is how typical AI systems works.

Hence, one needs to see that not just how the “Long Short Term Memory” Algorithm is used but also majority votes are calculated, for computing the best recommendation of news to a person. Further a refresh button can be allowed in the preference for people to forget all previous history, if they think they are no more in liking of the presented topics. This should forget all learned preferences and starts recommendation of news afresh.

Why we need recommendation system. We all love to get personalized news right in our inbox. This is a kind of comfort to get just the news one wants. Yes if one clicks on a hate speech, the algorithm learns the choice and may present the similar news next time onwards.

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