Whistleblower: Fake Accounts can change a Recommender System Outputs

Fake accounts can affect the way a recommender system works. Many recommender systems to shows personalized news contents.  The news and the order in which it is shown at times is based on most recent views.

-The most recent views or majority views can be changed by change in most recent views. And fake accounts can pay a pivotal role in its effects to change the news being displayed.

-The key solution to such problems is to authenticate the accounts with valid personal identification.

-Once accounts are validated, people spreading fake news, reading fake news will be reduced.

-Many fake accounts read fake news, spread fake news, this makes “fake news” scores as a news to come on top of recommendation higher.

-This much can be impact of fake accounts, which spread fake news on a recommender system.   

Hence following are three main concerns for spread of intended content with help of fake accounts.

  1. Forwarding some intended news motivated by the fake account holders’ group
  2. Making some news high in ranking for that hour—by increasing its completely read counts, all by fake accounts
  3. Surfing fake news and uploading fake news from fake accounts

Hence the solution to end such things is to validate accounts, and remove all fake accounts from all kind of social media. Be it a blogger’s website.

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