Management with AI

When so much developments are made in AI based chatbots and AI based image processing, why not start training AI bots to accompany humans in their work in various kinds of profiles. These are not limited to being scrum masters in various processes, but being a manager in general, be it be a store or electrical engineering manager or in fashion designing. All these to de-stress humans in such roles. Why only managers, the aim is dealing and helping managers first then other segments of work.

All this wont take away jobs, these are to assist humans, and help and ease the workloads. We must note, that this does not mean, humans jobs will be taken away. This is how civilizations have evolved. Earlier food used to be cooked on fire directly, then now gas stoves and electric cookers have made life easier. For sure those who cooked on fire had to migrate to new work. Same once some jobs are taken away, new jobs would be created, I believe, as this is how it has been always. Newer jobs newer works have been keep coming all this while. And know it would take long and several years for an AI program to learn a managers task, so dont be afraid. More jobs will come at pinnacle, may be from a totally new domain. Does that sound good ? Even making such specialized AI bots is a niche big job market.

There is a big takeaway from this, that each manager needs of a different kind of AI bot. Each job needs to learn AI in its own unique way. Yes this can be transferred back to next person taking the role. But each role needs a specific kind of bot intelligence. So, where do one start it from, the answer is Monday morning.

We have seen already the mailbox give notification on essential engagements of the day, that is the start, the bot must be able to make a queue of all essential meetings of the day. For sure, bots cannot replace humans, all this is to unburdon and take off the loads of works that humans are doing. Is work not stressing at times ? Dont we need destressor at times ? What if bots can help in with a helping hands ? In the beginning the bots can text the owner about the meetings, then to actually what in meeting and to more.

Yes, for sure these wont be large language models, like chaptGPT, or GPT-3, but small daily data learning to even large monthly learnings, as the learning needs to be. To send its suggestions reading emails initially, may be the email reading and recommendation that it provides can be using current large language models. Integrations can be made with image processing toolkits for other jobs that involve visual effects, such as film editing to be crisp.

All this as this is the next step to move forward. Job market wont stagnate, one should know, this how civilizations progressed and in any job interviews humans should be given preference as bots are just their companions.

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