Let’s try it doesn’t happen again. Forest Fires.

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Forest Fires

Amongst ongoing forest fires, what can we do? Not much but save lives?

But can we prevent future fires? Yes, we can try that!

How to say to forest fires- No More?

First, let’s accept that Climate Change is here.

Can we check the dryness level of each land and each forest near us?

If so, is there a measure to check dry patches in the land? If there is no way to check the dryness of a patch of land, then we must devise a way. A way to compute the dryness level for a piece of land to catch fire and burn. There is a saying “Where there is will there is a way”, so let us find the dryness level of each piece of land. A piece of land can be as small as a few square meters to as big as huge forests. This is the responsibility of each individual.

Can we use untreated waters, or partially treated waters in dry patches?

Only experts can answer this, what is measured more? This needs to be analyzed for diseases, hygiene, and more. Further studies are needed as to how much of untreated water needs to be treated. Also, to see, what is more important to stop fires or to use this partially treated water. A measuring balance needs to be made.

If the dryness level is low, can we dump in some water there, even if it is not fresh water?

If the dryness level is found and is computed as low, can we put some water there before more areas burn? This involves taking care of the courtyards. Can the huge forests be divided into smaller parts? It is not deforestation, it is the management of huge jungles which are going dry because of insufficient rain. Smaller regions are easy to maintain, if we make sure that only green belt is there in divided forest boundaries.

If dryness is low and area is small then?

Citizens should take care of small lands. This is a huge task, not all can be done by governments. This needs awareness to masses and hence this can be controlled.

Can we investigate all areas and any small dry path be removed?

We can do this, via the help of concerned institutions or via awareness that such dry patches as in Maui can cause huge harm to life and properties. Can we remove dry patches to bundles and keep them in some secure way, or as feeding stuff to cattle? Investigating all areas is beyond the reach of just government it needs the active support of the people. Just like diseases such as malaria, dengue is avoided by making sure no water is there in open pots, this is done in each home. In the same way, fires need to be avoided by making sure dry patches are dealt with with the help of citizens.

Can we cut the dry patch in case it cannot be treated with water?

Again, as I said climate change is here to stay. We need this awareness from person to person. If dry patches can’t be treated with semi-treated water then we have to graze the lands if the patch is small and partition it if the land is huge. Let us avoid more such disasters. A partitioned forest is more manageable, yes it may cut huge forests but it’s just for management not for any occupation. These patches can be covered with green grasses and herbs and plants. Is it time to enter forests? What do nature say? Nature is saying yes, I think! And it is not deforestation just management. Some paths are to be cut to install sprinklers from which even a jungle fox can drink water. I am pro-greenary, but what we seeing now, we need solutions.

Why semi-treated water?

I am saying semi-treated water, as land are huge, the cause of fires is lack of water content or no rains, missing rains, or few rains. The water available for irrigation and human needs itself is less, hence this is just an option to use semi-treated water or even seawater. Which kind of water is appropriate is to be decided by experts in climate change committees, since this needs scientific approvals.

What is the dryness level for a land or forest to catch fire? We can calculate that?

Some lab experiments or general experience can predict that land is now susceptible to forest fires. The land can be small or large. Can early detection of fire help in preventing more fires in new patches? Can we put in semi-treated water there, to save the lands from ash and trees to have some respite from heat?

Can satellite imagery help?

Yes, with the help of AI satellite imagery can help in sending alerts though a bit late. Softwares need to be made for the same.

What is the content of moisture in trees and plants? Can they catch fire sooner?

Can we measure the content of moisture in trees and plants? Is it required? In the study of forest fires and land fires, we must know the moisture content of lands and the plants there. In the recent incident in Hawaii, there was dried hay all over the land, this was not predicted. But what we learn from it, after loosing so much, is that one must check the surroundings for any dry patches as in Maui, Hawaii. In case there are dry patches, it must be sort after or reported to concerned authorities.

Studies must be made for the relationship of moisture in land, trees, and plant to fires.

What are the vulnerabilities of a piece of land?

Every piece of land must be seen from this angle, how safe is a house, garden, or trees around us? Given climate change is here, given we have to face it, what are the measures we can take? We are facing this disaster now. But let’s make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. Let’s do this so that this doesn’t happen again.

What about current forest fires?

It’s time to learn from current situations. It has never happened before at this scale before in history, as far as I remember. Let’s see this data, and analyze, the why’s, so that we can be prepared for the future. The future can be tomorrow or it can be six months ahead. It all depends on how we study the points that led to all this.

Nothing can be done to current fires, but to save as many lives as possible. And to stop other fires. We have seen huge smog in the skies to far-off places from places of fire. Hence, it is all connected.

Let us use AI-based alerts based on the above theory and more science. Let AI-based alerts be there and apps be available to measure your current place for fire sensitivity.

Yes, AI based forest fire predictions can help. More on this sooner.

To be continued…

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