#19. Childs Robotic Personal Tutor #Story #fiction

Note: This is a fictional story based out in year 2040. All characters are fictional and bears no relation to anyone living or passed away. Nor there is any relation to developments in AI in this year. Neither this article acknowledges that AI has reached this level to allow children with the AI toolkits.


“I am tired of teaching my daughter daily all the lessons taught in her classroom. Its time I get a robot to teach her math’s and other subjects. Many folks in my workplace do the same. My job is demanding, and it requires lot of strenuous work. What do you say, my dear wife?”

“Yes, it’s a good idea, given even I can’t find time to teach her. I want to join workforce again. She dreams to be a champion and here we can’t get her to teach basics.”

“I am also thinking of keeping a robotic tutor for her. What do you say?”

“Let’s go out to Nisa Robotics company and see for ourselves.”

They both got ready and off to demo showroom of Nisa company.

“Look here, children having fun with robots.”

“And over there, robot with toddlers”

“No its not safe to keep toddler level children with robots”

“Maam this is the era of modernization, its 2040 now not 2023. with our licenses and permissions granted to us.”

“The robots are well trained and know children are susceptible to be delicate.”

“That is ok, but how can I leave my child with robot at home.”

“What is age of your child Madam?”

“My child is 14 now.”

“Then it is out of delicacy age. She can be taken care of by mature robots.”

“In case she was younger, you would have to necessarily buy delicacy robot as a mandate.”

“Now you can buy children safe robot. The robot can teach and guide children, while you are at work.”

“Ok, we shall bring our daughter tomorrow and let her choose the avatar of robot she likes the most.”

Note: The images in the article are AI generated by Dalle.e.2.

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