Artificial Backwaters As A Source of Constant Water Supplies and Other Beneficial Uses

Water supplies in locations near water bodies is a comparatively easier thing than supplying at remote locations. I want to emphasis here the use of BACKWATERS for supply of waters in nearby towns and even distant cities. So what are backwaters—- In layman language this is water collected at back of a sea or any water body, it is characterized by the fact it is not in path of flowing water source and it does not have its own source of water origins. The water in backwaters is collected by high tides in seas or high flow of river waters on banks of rivers in monsoon or other wise. It is a natural source of beauty and can host water habitats and typically is deeper. The uses of Backwaters can be summarized in following steps.

  1. Water can be stored in backwater not just for various salts separation but also for supply to water plants for purification for drinking purposes.
  2. These waters can be channeled into tributaries and dis-tributaries for supply of water not just for drinking but for agricultural purpose
  3. Further, these tributaries looks useful to animals, birds and flora and fauna too. Apart from giving them waters, as they are free wanderers on Planet.
  4. Yes it adds to beauty too. Looks good and feels good. Especially when humans too have some cafeterias on side of these water bodies.
  5. It can control the rise in water levels, if not much, but somewhat
  6. It can help prevent droughts, if planned and designed well.
  7. It is a constant source of water to towns and cities as water from seas and oceans can constant plunge into the backwaters.
  8. Backwaters are beauty in its own, allowing boating, serene airs, apart from plantations in and outside the waters, both of flowering and non flowering kinds.
  9. It can be made both from sea waters and river waters.

Backwaters need not be just by side of sea but also near banks of rivers. It controls the excess water flows and also helps water flow in the channels helping a lot of Ecological processes, which includes evaporations in distant places and respite from extreme sun energies in heating periods. Yes it may need some beaches to be turned into backwater gardens with lot of plants growling in it. It adds to beauty. Yes lot of resorts have to be renamed to backwater facing resort. And some things have to be sadly disposed off the beaches which may be turned into back waters.

Yes sea water is salty, but when there are countries that make waste water treatment for human use, I am just aiming for fresh sea water-clean and pure– having salts to be treated — for human consumption. This should not be a tough thing given the era of scientific advancements we are living in. That’s all– treat the waters for consumptions and regarding the salty water for irrigations, we need to find a solution for that too. Which I mentioned in previous article–natural animal waste based manures, test it, it shall be beneficial for use, the analogy is based on thousands of years of chemical-less manuring of lands by humans! It is a conjecture yet to be proved by scientific advancements.

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