How much is enough! Compete in Tech and Science Now ! North Korea !

How much is enough with no cause?

North Korea was made established around 1945 where in the Russians influenced the North of Korea while the South of Korea was supported by the Americas. This was around the end of World War II. Then in fifties the internal Korean war, fully separated the North and South Korea.

Seventy peaceful years in Korean history have passed. What has happened in past 2 years that North Korea is interested in war combat now? North Korea must know war is no solution to their problems. Was it depression cause by corona, then every person on Earth faced corona impacts. No point in throwing missiles, you can ask how they dealt in with corona.

North Korea must express it’s concerns, and there is no doubt that North Korea is targeting South Korea and the western nations, Why? As South Korea was always supported by west, and now South Korea is a well developed nation, attracting world attentions, in Science, Tech, Travel, Architecture and all kinds of developments.

While on the other hand, North Korea, is isolated nation, a small country. The country exports stitched garments among some other things. This is what we all know about the country. It does not have an open culture to adapt to developed nations recent progresses.

There seem to be a reason for all this. The rockets it is launching? Why not a software company it starts to envy others, why only rockets to envy west and other parts of world? They excel in science and tech too, North Korea must understand that no one is willing to fight the Korean war again, it was 70 years ago.

North Korea, is testing variety of missiles, who is sharing the knowledge of and the design of latest in missiles to North Korea? Is it for another country ? Everything changes with time, so are the old instruments and old missiles. I still suggest to North Korea, to compete in other areas and other aspects of life, not just in missile building.

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