To The Youth —- Don’t be swayed. Climate Change and Heavy Rainfalls Comparisons For You To Find Answers On Your Own

This article to make you answer yourself that —– are climate change by humans actions and—- rains, heavy rains …. are different topics. Don’t be confused in it.

Climate change is change in climate, while rains-heavy and light always existed on Earth ? Did they ? If so—-has the rainfall decreased now ? Are rivers are far below their water marks ? There is difference between climate change and natural processes which disturb human life. Is this also included in climate change ?

Its time you ask your grandparents and parents the following questions ?

  1. Did it used to rain heavily when you were child ?
  2. GrandMa, GrandPa, Did your village used to fill up in water when it used to rain?
  3. Did you heard lightnings often as much as we used to ?
  4. Did tornadoes often came in your lands ? Or were it just shown in the famous old time children episodes we all saw as a kid -“The wonderful Wizard of Oz”?
  5. Was storm a new word in dictionary, when we were born ? Or storms were occasional and sometimes a regular things ?

Get your answers from your grandparent dear Youth. This will help you in your fight for Climate Change, as You tell Adults–There is no Planet B~

Get these answers, it may help, us, the researchers and other people too, to know, what is the reality.

Why it is needed the elders saw the things before the industrial revolution and some before recent mass modernizations. Can you ask your parents and grand parents and share with me also some details.

As per my knowledge and asking of these questions to my Grandparents and parents the following were answered by them. Also, I asked them these as a child.

  1. It used to rain, rain a lot, rain for days and sometime weeks. And really heavy rains. Gardens used to fill with waters and paper boats were floated in these water. What you see now as rains is nothing as much as we saw as a child.
  2. The village used to fill up in water when it used to rain, indeed. We used to have full village in waters. My grandparent often in monsoon used to swim to go to school to gain their education.
  3. Lightnings was common thing as well.
  4. Yes whirlwinds used to come.
  5. Yes summers were filled with summer storm and extreme hot winds which can make anyone sick used to blow in afternoons. Winters were very cold too. (In this region, we belong from)

Now, let me cite some more history on extreme rain incidences. This one not from my grandparents but from epics and history books. Can you check your history books and share with me also some details.

  1. Lord Krishna was born, that day it was raining terrifically. Some of the oldest epics real copies in Sanskrit language are I think safe, may be in some museums. The proof of existence of birth of Lord Krishna is evident well in many establishments and in the famous epics- Mahabharata and Ramayana, also mentions Lord Krishna.
  2. It was raining badly when Lord Krishna saved people of people of place called Govardhan from extreme torrential rains. And this dates back to several several centuries. This day is celebrated even today, the next day after Deepawali festival.
  3. The whole city of Dwarka was submerged in waters, centuries ago. The city of Dwarka is still present beneath the sea in Arabian Sea. Was it climate change ? It is important to know the difference between natural processes and climate change effect, for that one has to study, what history rainfall evidences were from elders and from epics, and mentions of first man made scripts.

There were no industries at this time of life on Earth. Was this also climate change. It’s time dear youth, see the history books or ask your grand parents, grand uncles about rains in their eras.

Many more such instances can be found in history. All this to tell you climate change by humans actions and—- rains –extreme, sudden or light — are different topics.

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