Invest in cultural developments ? Dear Successful People – Should we invest to Keep Traditions Alive ? Are these a inheritance we have from our forefathers ?

  1. The cultures, traditions, customs, are now being called obsolete-like things by many. Should they be called obsolete ?
  2. Are we ready to forget the struggles and brains that had been put in making of the traditions?
  3. Westernization is making people forget their traditional dresses. Once a known of mine commented on a traditional dress I said I shall wear- She said its so old thing, how can someone wear it. She is now in Canada, enjoying in jeans, the dress she loves the most.
  4. Jeans is comfortable wear for work for sure- but are we ready to forget the traditional dresses ?
  5. If everyone forgets the cultures, would all of it be erased? The things our forefathers and foremothers made??
  6. Should we can wear these dresses at least once a year when we celebrate the traditional festivals ?
  7. The traditions will be mingled, is what we will have is just the hybrid things ?
  8. What about the original things ?
  9. Why not celebrate in customs inherited from centuries ago ?
  10. Should we let go 5000 year old traditions for modernization ?
  11. When we have earned money, should we invest some money to keep our cultures alive?
  12. Should we invest in celebration of our traditional festivals ?
  13. When I start earning again, I would like to contribute…
  14. Once those who have reached decent level of successes should they invest some amount of money earned to keep the cultures alive ?
  15. Should people afford to contribute to make funds to keep traditions alive?
  16. Should people allow the cultures to be erased by modernization ?
  17. To keep the traditions alive ?
  18. Its like when we make a new dish mixing many things, can it ever change the taste of the traditional Pizza ?
  19. It is an inheritance to us from our forefathers, to be kept safe ?

Published by Nidhika

I have an eager research-based approach to solve problems in the various areas using my expertise. I find solutions based on my experience, research skills, strong knowledge Apart from profession, I have inherent interest in writing especially poems, stories, doing painting, cooking, photography, music to mention a few! And most important on my website you can find my views, ideas, my poems, stories, novels, my comments, my proposals, my blogs, my interests, my personal experiences and short occasional glimpses of my research work as well.

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