Why Fossil Fuels Were Preferred When BioGas Could Had Been Used ? And Now Electric Batteries ??

This is a big question ? Had people thought well over these things, before implementing? If not please think well in future implementations.

  1. When did petrol and natural gases started being used as a fuel ?
  2. Obviously after industrial revolution – Is it right ?
  3. Why BioGas we studied in school science lessons were ignored ?
  4. It could have made things easy for both climate change and sewage disposal. Would it ?
  5. Cow dung dried called uplas were used in several places as fuel to cook food. Wasn’t it ?
  6. Why then coal was extracted ?
  7. Human waste for gaseous fuel …Bio Gas–Simple way taught in school science books? Can it be made per community ??
  8. And animal waste for pollution making cow dung?
  9. Why did we dig coal ?
  10. Do coal mines have gold and diamonds nearby ?
  11. Or any other precious metal near coal mines ?
  12. Coal makes same pollution as dried cow dung ? True or False ?
  13. Why was need of fossil fuels?
  14. Where all fossil fuels are taken out and sold ?
  15. Did selling fossil fuels made a global business ?
  16. Was BioGas a non-profitable option for use as fuel?
  17. Is BioGas an efficient fuel as natural gases ? May be–Experts Please Answer This?
  18. Under these questions I hope — measures are measured before making any new green source of energy—-be it electric batteries-
  19. Is electric batteries new business just like fossil fuel were once ?
  20. Who shall produce so many electric batteries ?
  21. Can we run our existing cars on biogas cylinders ? Just like we use LPG cylinders?
  22. Had people thought well over these things, before implementing? If not please think well in future implementations.

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