2021 – UFO’s Some Views and Suggestions

UFO’s or Enemy testing your skies

Its noted as per reference article given below, Earth is encountering UFO’s and NASA is recruiting priests for it. Well, good thing for sure. Praying is always good, as God always listen to true disciples.

So, first let us discuss what Science describes UFO as ! And understand what all is in space outside Earth. There is huge empty space, there are satellites that track motion of planetary objects. Even if an asteroid comes near Earth, it is detected from far off places. Right NASA and scientific community? Everything is Science on Earth. All all objects that come near Earth as well identified, along with the material it possess. Well praying is not bad even when Asteroid comes. I indeed say pray daily! Really daily! But there is no logic in UFO. Next it cant be an optical illusion as it has well defined size, so why was it not detected outside Earth ? You need to solve problems in this way! And then, it can be a enemy country trying to test the waters and security levels at your place, perhaps! Well then you shall ask me, what are all the big craters on Earth, they can be Metroid’s, not UFO. Think Science be Science! But who is playing so safely to test the waters, whoever it is shall try to act as if it is subject to the same problems, viz. UFO, these are basic criminal tactics!


[1] https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/opinion/humans-are-seeing-more-ufos-every-year-and-nasa-is-recruiting-priests/ar-AAScHQ8?ocid=msedgntp

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