Happy New Year ! Welcome 2022! New Year Note for All !

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a Big Welcome to 2022! Sorry for the delayed message – I am just back to work. So, here is my New Year Note for all of you.

For some the year 2021 may had been good, just ok or due to presence of global pandemic, for sure must had effected lives of so many people. Let us first pray to all those who suffered in 2021 and before. Let us wish them better times, before we can set more goals for ourselves. Let those who lost jobs, incurred losses in business due to presence of dominant virus of 2021- which was delta virus. Let us keep them all in our prayers. We all have been through tough times. It is easy to say to look ahead. For some it is not easy, especially for those who have been taken off the by storms, cyclones, cloudbursts, floods, forest fires and even droughts. We pray to heal your pains, as we pray for us to get better times in this new year, we don’t want to forget even the birds that didn’t got the water to drink and the flora and fauna and their pain.

Let peace prevail in all dimensions in World till far off places. But all of us cant do it all. Hence, lets start with small missions, with ourselves, our aims, how we can help the world and how we keep ourselves aspiring higher than ever before. Once each one of us aim this, harmony shall reach to far off places. It is said in an old saying, the ocean is made from single droplets of water. So, let us make single droplets of good work in the directions we decided to take in the Year 2022. Wishing you all a much more hopeful year, more hopes, more wishes, much to aspire and much to keep going! That is the spirit of life, we all must be in!

A new year has come, a year ahead in timeline than last year. A year which starts with hopes for much better worlds for ourselves and all of us. The desires to fulfil new aims of a New Year. It is a beginning of a new journey, and end of a period of time marked by the celebrations of the festive seasons. Let us hope in all the ways this shall be a better year, for personal successes. These personal successes shall add to global successes, each hand matters while pulling a mountain. Hence, let us all get back in pulling the ropes of personal successes. Let us all accomplish the dreams, desires of this year, these dreams and desires when understood becomes the aim of the New Year.

Its a new year a new journey. Yes, howsoever difficult the past years were, howsoever struggle we all faced with pandemic, and problems that it caused. Let us not forget we have the zeal to go ahead right inside us, let us find this light inside of us, yet again. To continue despite the challenges man faces. This has been in history, this is part of evolution too. Man never gave up, he took all challenges, started it all over again and rose to this level. Let us hope now, to continue our efforts in this direction. Yes, there might had been setbacks, there might had been total failures one might have met. But one must go on.

We must have the will to continue to work towards what we want to accomplish, not just for ourselves, but for the world on whole. As we are part of this world only. And as one part progresses, others progresses as well. Business growth in one region in world would create employments in other regions as well. If one region in world is progressing, it shall heal other parts through extension of trade and deals with other parts. This is how it works. But corona and new variant of 2021, left most economies, plummet downwards, losses incurred in local business, so much spending’s in health and climate crisis, which is not restricted to one region, but to all in world. But we need to keep going on, be motivated come whatever the difficulties, this has been how man ever evolved to this stage of advanced developments. Still there is much long way to go ahead, more successes in journey of Man that still needs to be covered, for man dreamt of it! Dreamt of more!

It was not easy year for me either. But one must keep going on, one must dream, one must desire and one must hope, for a better world for thyself and hence for all in world. Don’t give up, with setbacks, hope good times shall come. Believe if we had been this far, why cant we go ahead more ? We were able to bear all those tough times, so we can not only bear but deal more challenges. Just remember, the strength with which one can pull a mountain lies in the harmony of those pulling the mountain. Times were tough for all, but be bold, and work to accomplish the dreams, if not fully, even a marginal accomplishment is worth a treasure in these times. And a good way to start.

So let us dream what we want to do this year. It all starts with the seed of dream, once this seed of dream is put in soil of aims, and nourish it regularly with hopes to achieve the aims. This is how aims are formed, aims are but how the accomplished dream shall looks like. The targets that need to be completed to get the dreams to reality. These are the aims, so dream what you want in 2022 and ahead. You can dream for 5 years or even have a dream for a lifetime. Then grow this dream daily in fields of hopes at least once. Find all the aims needed to get to the dream and there shall be so many aims you shall find to accomplish the dream. Figure out which one you want to do in 2022, and which aim to start with to accomplish the dream. It all starts with a dream not just aims, not just new year resolutions. Dream then all these aims shall be made, you shall know what to resolve to in 2022!

Yes 2021 might not had been that good for many, but dream what you want now! Lets remember the pains we have got over and let us give this more hope to cherish the dreams more. Hence, make the aims, which are tasks needed to be completed to get that dream! Then make resolutions of the year that you think shall be enough to achieve the aims that leads you to your dreams! And never loose hope for past 2 years of pandemic have taught us all– if we have hope, we can get through ! Once again remembering all though times and wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2022! Let us all welcome to another new beginning with open heart and yet refreshed sprits!

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