Are basic Electric Car- NOT Enough or Enough? #Climate change

Let us first understand why is the need of Electric cars? Why we have to get to new kind of fuel in cars ? Well, let me tell you — this is Climate Change Concerns. So, for that we need to reduce the carbon in air, most of it is emitted out of cars that burn fossil fuels. Industrial pollution, I shall explain in a separate article. Now, the aim is to reduce pollution with cars, either change the fuel to bio-fuel or else, wait for new eco-friendly fuel to come in. Some want to switch to Electric Cars to save environment.

Here is my question to all those who want to switch to Electric Cars ! Yes there shall be lesser emissions ! But can we have a simple car, that you can drive in form place A to place B, unless you are a firefighter needed self driving cars to stop wildfires. My point is simple, why, do we need chips in Electric cars ? Why — — — — DO you know how many cars are used in world? Can you imagine how much mining it would lead to ? Can you compute the impact of these mining’s on below Earth Equilibrium. You have phones, that have AI, why can you use your phone in a phone stand on the Electric Cars? Why?

Why ? Why are you creating such a demand people ? The demand to mine Earth more ? The demands to make cars more AI savvy ? It was your demand 50 years back that petrol was burned to make cars. And this demand of yours was fulfilled, if company A had not fulfilled your demand for cars which burn petrol’s then company D might had. See your role men and women. See the demands you created filled in the airs with pollution.

Now a suggestive solutions from science community for time being only is Electric Cars. The why so much of pomp and show in it? Cant we use a normal Electric Car ? Do we feel for Environment ? If so why so many of rare metals to be decorated in cars, just because, someone wanted luxury, and others took it as marketing stunts ? Wake up — you are creating yet another problem by your demand.

Demand for normal electric cars, not chip based cars — not AI based cars. We all are coming from tough times, it was not easy, we don’t know what happens next, so why spend so much on an AI equipped cars? Why cant we be simple ? Yeah unless you are a VVIP you need an AI based car to protect yourself for moral obligation, as some good people do have enemies, while bad people can even go out without tensions on open roads on open cart too, for security reasons. But the demand are created not by billionaires and top leaders. But by common people like you and me. We need a car that is comfortable with nice seats, and serves the purpose to heal the Earth with the Climate Crisis. The same crisis for which millions had been marching on roads. So where are your commitments now common men and women like me — why are you demanding cars with chips, AI based locks, AI based latest tech — Can you compute how much these devises cost to Earth. What is effect of mining. We need chip based phone, laptops and now cars too. Decide yourself what demands you are creating — as someone or other have to fulfil your demands — as it was done 50 years back when you were provided cars. And man left the beautiful horses which used to give good short and long rides without petrol without carbon in air ! Think — even you have responsibility — each one of us all ! Create the climate sensitive demands men, women, boys and girls! Be aware of what extra mining to make your journey in cars cost to Earth. Don’t blame leaders after a while, when Earth interior equilibrium becomes imbalanced. Where were you from past 50 years? When the cars that burned fossil fuels, you ever felt that it can harm Earth ? No — You created more demands — more and more demands — — to travel n travel as if fossil fuels are something anyone can buy and pollution no-one never cared. What can leaders and governments do when common people demand things that create pollution? Who can do anything in this — It is all in common people hand — Change the demands!

Well all this was to explain — we don’t need a complex car unless we are billionaires or VIP people needing security. We need comfortable cars, which are not harmful to climate and can give good mileage, good performance. Rest for pleasure trips anyone can rent the AI cars once in a while! This does not mean AI cars wont develop, they would, till one day, AI can be run on your cars in an ecofriendly way, which wont hurt the air above Earth and not the things below Earth. Science shall develop more and more. Till then AI based models of cars will be made, used, tested to be improved. Even firefighters should be using AI based cars. But these few people are just 1–2% of the users of vehicles. Rest all users are us — the common people — why are we competing for these things- when on other hand we say we want Climate to be sorted to equilibrium. Ask the producers the right things, demands of products you use is in your hands.

Note, all this does not mean I personally support Electric Cars. No, I personally prefer horses, or bio-gas, or eco friendly fuels in car, and I believe sooner science shall develop ways to make fuel in cars through natural process as I mentioned in one of my articles — related to xenorobots. The xenorobots are biological Brian cells which produced motion. And this was a great news in 2021. I believe more such developments shall be made, bio gas, xenorobots so on….many alternatives are there.

So why not make a car — in which engine can be changed with time-rest the body is same. So that when a new fuel is made, the engine changes, but the car is same, certain replaceable parts change, but most things are same. It shall save money of people, the resources of Earth and many more things.

What problem I see in Electric Cars ? Who shall be making electric charging stations ? Which company ? Will it ever get profits out of it ? As electric cars need lot of charging? Where will all the electricity come in from to charge cars? Even if some company agrees to make electric car stations to charge vehicles ? Who shall supply to power to these companies ? Practically think ! In the end you want fossil fuel to make electricity for these Electric Charging stations! Think — — -! We are running short on supplies to provide power to industries and other units in all countries. Coal is being burned, natural gases are being burnt to make power for industrial and other uses. Where will power to charge so many cars come form now — — — It goes back to fossil fuels ? So why the need of Electric Car when it is charged with electricity made by burning coal or fossil fuel only?

So invest in water turbines first ! Analyze! Use lesser cars till then, those in country side, to bring in horses, take some burden and pain yourself too to save Earth, there are no day solutions! This is not an asteroid of the latest movie! But a accumulated effects of demands of common men and women over decades! So who is creating demand ! Common people you and me! Change the demands of products you want, one again there is no one day solution to it. Healing takes time be it in human or in nature!

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