7th Jan 2021 – Are Protests in Democracy Illegal? Two sides of the same coin of Democracy.

Note: This article not saying not to punish those who destroyed property public or private – but why only this protest considered, why other protests not looked at? Punish all in all protests who committed harm to private or public property ! Are others also being looked at, and absence of police made angry crowd get more violent! One need to understand why there was no protection to lawmakers of the biggest democracy! Had security had been there– the mob had been controlled as in any other protests. Protests happen all time, there are climate change protests, there are anti vac protests so on……..but all are heard.

Note: I support all kinds of rights of all kinds of people, but in peaceful ways under law. So hear 6th Jan 2021 people, hear BLM people, hear the Climate Protestors, Hear the Anti Vac protestors. Be equal to all. And the learning from all this is—-that security must be there in any protest, as any protest can go angry at any time due to number of people in protests and their cumulative demands. So it is a learning, security must be there in any protests. While there was negligible security at the lawmakers place of a big democracy. Why they didn’t noticed it– the lawmakers who were in the building with no security at all ?

The media all over is showing 1 year of 7th January protests by people of a democratic country. Now there are things to understand– USA is a democratic country, every every group is respected, even small groups of people are heard and big groups for sure catch the eyes. So many protests happen worldwide I cant count how many. Why Jan 7 2021, USA, came to light then ? Are some people allowed to protest while others not allowed to protest ? These were not few people, these were a majority of people of America who wanted to say something by the protests, these were not criminals, they don’t have criminal records, they are as much citizens of USA as any other person in country, so here in this article after watching todays news I lay emphasis on why— some protests were never questioned and why 7th Jan 2021, USA protests are being considered badly in World news all over the World ?

Yes those who destroyed things government or private property need to be punished equally be it in 7th Jan 2021 or be in in BLM—–or any other protest also—those who have broken law, destroyed property, did theft. I am taking of those who were walking around the protest peacefully to be heard, did anyone heard them yet. To destroy a public or private property is a crime—-be it in 7th Jan 2021 or be in in BLM or anti lockdown protest ! 7th Jan, 2021 was one day protest while BLM was 68 days protest. There was no one day solution to any of these or any other protest, be it any protest in world, as things need to be understood why it happened, there are systems and processes for each thing.

Look peaceful protests are allowed in many democracy, USA is one of the worlds best know democracies. The Black Lives Matter protest was held for I think more than 60 days, daily people were protesting — for justice for Floyds death. And the protest was not peaceful either as per news I watched and as per the attached videos given below and in references. So why 7th Jan, 2021 more in news ?

Cars were burnt in BML, govt offices were burnt, so many stores, banks broken and shops looted – Was that a peaceful protest ? I am asking – I don’t know what is a peaceful protest ? But presence of police stopped damage. More harm could had been caused in protests as people were angry– had police not stopped them then, what could had happened in BLM ? But where were security people of lawmakers on 7th Jan, 2021, and no lawmaker noticed lack of security that day ? No-one asked no security at the lawmakers place, when they even heard, people may protest.

So, in case of 7th Jan 2021 – there was a protest, the people were upset, as the people in BLM were upset, as people in any protest are upset, as in case of anti vaccination protests, or anti lockdown protests. People get upset and they do peaceful protests, which many times due to anger in people may turn violent as in case of some recent protests in EU over corona guidelines and even in BLM. The people get angry as they want quick solutions, they think no one is listening to them, this is how peaceful protests turn angry.

But these protests were controlled——the protests were controlled by the presence of police there and presence of guards there. Yes police at times had to use force, but no one likes it, no one. They had too as the crowd has gone out of control and is not listening, hence police and guards are used. Still there are videos showing destruction of property in BML including govt property, so this protest too went out of control, given heavy Special guards, and special police for protection of life, and property – public and private. Many protests worldwide go out of control, be it Myanmar protests. Recently, there was a surge of protest on Poland borders, had that not been controlled by Police, it would had ugly and harmful too, people were throwing stones on police even at Poland border. This was unethical too.

But the why 7th Jan 2021, USA protest is remembered worldwide, while others not, given no protest is beautiful, and many protest turn not only ugly but also violent. But with help of presence of law and order these protest are tried to be controlled. People in a group in protests who are unhappy for certain reason–as in BLM people wanted justice of Floyd death and they got justice, may be they didn’t knew-that it takes time for processes to work, I don’t know. Same the people on 7th Jan 2021, were unhappy that, their representative had not won, when he was supported so badly, they wanted to know the truth, they must be having some reasons to believe it. But——–DID ANYONE HEAR THE PEOPLE IN THIS PROTEST ON 7TH JAN 2021 ? NO? WAS ANY KIND OF JUSTICE PROVIDED TO THEM? WAS POLICE AND LAW AND ORDER THERE TO PROTECT AND CONTROL THE PROTESTORS ANGER -NOOOOOO!

So who’s fault is it? People in so many protests go violent – I have seen so many, many in references. But the critical point was– the protestors were not stopped by anyone ——— no one– that too near the top body of government of USA. This was the flaw. Had they had been stopped as every other protests, things would had not been the same. Other protestors as were stopped, many protestors go violent in protests for demands not heard. There is no one day solution. There are processes for all things in world, but angry mob at times forgets this, be it be any protest.

When in a country like USA demands of even small protestors are heard, why demands of these group were not heard, why are they considered as criminals, no one is trying to understand them – NO ONE! Why they were protesting, had some one heard them from the ruling party – NO — They are just being declared as anti social people, called criminals, they are part of country and a huge number of dissatisfied people, who are now afraid to even speak of it. While other people are still doing protests after so many hearings, so many protests done and so many heard. But no one is hearing them, but considering them as criminals. Why should lack of policing and security at the place where law is made in World’s Most Developed Country— be blamed on them ?

Why was the place where lawmakers sit didn’t had any security ? When lawmakers cant take care of their own security requirements how would they secure people ? And no lawmaker noticed it that there is no one in security there ! How can it happen ? How ??????? When in developing countries someone goes even near a law maker house also, there is security and barricades, this is a developed country and that was !

So if police had not stopped BLM or any other protests what could had happened ? I cant imagine ?

The difference is the damages were still lesser as police were there to stop things. And the people in 7th Jan 2021 protest–One day protest were also angry; and people in BML protest were also angry. The thing is people needed in both case to understand that — no justice is given in one day.

While BLM caused damage, but no one focusing on it, but 7th Jan, 2021, USA worldwide all are focusing, as no one was there to stop it– why—they wanted angry mob to make mistakes ? Why the lawmakers never cared while entering the law office that there was lack of security in law making place? Do the lawmakers who came to office regularly never notice security absence at law making place ? If so this is a highly sensitive thing, lawmakers didn’t noticed absence of any kind of security! Can you ask the lawmakers now–? Why they didn’t reported lack of security at the Capitol Hill? Do they ignore it regularly ? If so, are they right for people ? No not the new ones who came to take oath, those lawmakers who are used to coming to office regularly! New people might not know what a secure office looks like, what about those who come there regularly ? They didn’t noticed lack of security?

One needs to think—- people in BLM wanted justice, people in 7th Jan 2021 wanted to be heard and understood. BML got their justice recently, who shall give justice to 7th Jan 2021, people, they are also citizens of country.

Yes those who destroyed things need to be punished be it in 7th Jan 2021 or be in in BLM—— both have broken law. I am taking of those who were walking around the protest peacefully to be heard, did anyone heard them yet. To destroy a public or private property is a crime—-be it in 7th Jan 2021 or be in in BLM! 7th Jan was one day protest while BLM was 68 days protest.

There was no one day solution to any of these or any other protest , be it any protest in world, as things need to be understood why it happened, there are systems and processes for each thing.

Some clips of protests that got violent in same year are given here:

Govt office in USA attacked by protestor: Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRmqEbP0G6I

21 Police Officers Injured : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LevR_eLMExs

Fire in Cities, Riots in Places, Looting in Shops!

Windows broken and policemen injured : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yve9DhT8Nt4

Another City on Fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7tcOkvNY5k

68 days long protest– one of the biggest protest I ever saw with loss and damages to property and people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwoLJ9FtRHs

Banks burnt, highways shut down, police officers injured……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2L-8-rUM7s

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