Cheesy Spicy Tamarind flavored Vermicelli

Ingredients: Cheese, Pasta Seasoning, few flakes of Tamarind, 1 cup roasted Vermicelli

This is tasty, easy to cook, and refreshing dish, when taken hot with Pasta Seasoning. Tamarind juice adds a different taste to the dish. Here is the quick recipe. All of it in just 7 minutes.

Here I explain how to extract the Tamarind sauce from Tamarind in a simple way.

Now, why Tamarind sauce ?

Tamarind has some really good Micronutrients and minerals. Apart from that Tamarind sauce as extracted below adds a tingy tangy taste and a flavor to try once in a while for sure. I eat Tamarind raw as well. I personally love it raw also !

Step 1. Take few flakes of Tamarind and heat in a heating bowl in 1 cup of water.

Step 2. Heat it well it changes color and water becomes thicker as shown below.

Here is how it looks, when ready in 5 minutes time. This is the same bowl as above. Take the liquid juice of Tamarind through the sieve, leave the rest. This can be used in many servings, preserve the unused sauce for next meal when Tamarind needs to be tried.

Step 3. In the mean time Tamarind sauce is getting ready, heat the roasted 1 cup Vermicelli in 1.5 cup water. Here it is ready as Tamarind is getting ready.

Step 4. Cover cooked roasted Vermicelli with cheese.

Step 5. Heat it in microwave till cheese melts.

Step 6. Put the pasta seasoning on top of the heated cheesy cooked Vermicelli, as per your taste.

Step 7. Put few spoons of Tamarind sauce made above on top of this hot cheesy cooked Vermicelli. Don’t add too much of it Tamarind tastes tangy but yet worth tasting and adds real good taste, but should be used as a flavor only, and nothing more than that.

It is ready. Have it hot.

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