AI as a threat- This is misinformation

It was a strange video (given in reference) I watched yesterday, where in Elon Musk was shown to be saying-something like “AI is a threat to humanity”. Well firstly if it was Elon himself, then Tesla uses so much of AI in its devises, vehicles and even now Elon plans to have a chip in him, as per news source. So, on the first go, why so much AI was used in Tesla, if it was a threat? Secondly, AI is not a threat, only thing is to use it properly, just like a gas stove which is used for cooking with heat of flames. One must know how to close the lid when food is cooked. Indeed AI is much safer than gas stove, keeping robotic on side, as Robotics needs extra training’s, being relatively naive.

The video in reference showed that robots are fighting each other and so on. Well this is like drug industry, one had to take medications in right dosage. The video also mentioned AI should not be in small hands. Well compare it with medicine providers, only registered practitioners shall be resposnsibe to produce the medications. Not everyone, else obviously wrong things can be made in the communities. The same way AI need to be made by some right teams around worlds, and even freelancers can make AI, as long as the contents are checked for security issues, especially in robotics.

AI production dont need surveillance, but its work can be commended by applications and testings. Lets separate a branch of AI called Robotics, which is now a field in its own. The use and production of Robotics need to be monitored as deceitful intentions can make robots mismanaged. This is one of the key thing to keep in mind. Once the algorithm in robotics are sound and checked, there is no major threat from robotic, apart from mistakes, for which robots should be practised well before release to use. For this International Standard Marks need to be provided. Apart form that one need to explain the software packages installed in the robots. Recommendation system used in AI apps and many other thing can be used as per preference, if one does not like a social media platform, you can join another. If not, still, then get the recommender system be asked for clarifications.

So, this is a misinformation if you say plainly that AI is dangerous. Just like extra amlodipine can be dangerous. Provide solutions, people are already living in tough times. Spreading misinformation that too on the key development topic of world -AI, doesnt fit the menu. One should know, how much we are dependent on tech, development and AI. And where AI shall take us. Lets find solutions with positivity and face it.


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