Natural Cheap Sources of Energy & Sewage Disposal are related!

Why do we even need fossil fuels when there are natural sources of energy. These are sources of energies which must be utilized once produced. Tones of sewage, agricultural wastes and animal wastes are produced periodically. Why not enough is being done to treat the sewage and to produced right energies. Well, there are places where sewage water flows out of danger marks and spreads on to rivers and seas, which once used to be clear swimming spots for us? There had been news about all these! This article talks of solution of two prominent problems, (i) sewage disposal systems (ii) safe and natural source of energy production.

Every district has a sewage collection center. And some people are just discovering ways to change the way things have been done historically. Have, you ever visited an old palace or some remains of historic homes of common people? How were the washrooms there? And how was waste water and other things disposed of from the washrooms and houses? Was the rain water drainage system mixed with waste from the palace and old houses of common people? If you have seen such a system, you have the answers, and I don’t need to write and if you haven’t you should visit once. See if virtual tours let you know about such things.  

Civilizations existed much before industrializations, and in huge numbers people used to live near rivers, without polluting the rivers with sewage from houses. Well, we can’t claim what they might had been doing with it. But we know the dry cow-dung cakes had been used for energy generations is earlier times. Yes, they were not treated in anaerobic treatments to produce right gasses though.  And we know for sure they used to drink river water and rivers were considered sacred for several purposes. So why today, there is a question of changing the basis of cleaning our washrooms and houses? And perhaps, sewage systems to generate, bio-gas and fertilizers for agriculture has been parallelly know to be famous. But why when so much sewage is produced daily, why can’t so much of bio-gas be prepared. And why we need chemical fertilizers when the residue of sewage treatment in anaerobic environment leads to both production of bio-gas, an energy source and a natural fertilizer in good enough quantities.

When sewage and natural wastes are kept in anaerobic environment gasses are produced which can be used for several purpose and these gasses are not that harmful to environment. The use is not just as energy source but other purpose too.  So why we needed to dig earth? To get petrol when this could had been done in locality basis and if not then at district basis to start with. They say electric batteries are pollution free—But answer me—how much earth are you digging to make it plausible? What is the real cost of these energy sources —– ? Do you have metrics for computing the real costs ?

There is a thick line between safe and unsafe—we need to determine it using several advances in studies we have done in all areas and power it by the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to determine it. I ask everyone—How much a battery costs you, a solar panel or a wind energy mill cost and how much does it cost to use chemicals in agricultural fields as fertilizers.

Now compare the costs to the cost of treating the sewage well, avoiding it from going to rivers, lakes and oceans. In the process combustible gasses will be produced and huge solid waste treated with bacteria’s will be produced, this is a natural soil enhancer. This solves two problems, daily disposal of sewage, regular generation of energy and soil enhances, apart from disposing off the waste in a fruitful way.

Now which is better—there is a tradeoff between whether earth should be digged more—are we not creating an earth change—as on top of earth we are creating a climate change. Compute the cost. With these techniques one can compute how much cheap is bio-gas in terms of other sources of energies. I will come up with more detailed analysis on the same soon.  

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