You are all over my mind
all over, i cant stop it
eyes open or closed
i see a lotus with you in center…
your hairs flowing in air…
petals are colorful
its all over my mind
its not stopping…………….
neither can I stop it

You name all over my mind
i cant stop me saying your name again and again
with a big smile
A smile that came to be after years
yes the first time I heard you
its still resonating
from one side to another….
yes……………..yes……..your name
and i cant stop
its not stopping…………….
neither can I stop it

You voice all over my mind
i cant stop it either
is piercing in every cell of my mind…
i fear sometimes
but i cant stop
and dont want to stop…..
your voice is just to much for me to handle
it just changed my everything

You thoughts all over my mind
I greet you good morning,
I greet you good day and
yes I greet you a very good night
really each day and every day ..
since that very lucky day…
every single day
its not stopping…………….
neither can I stop it

You body all over my mind
why did you approach me
if you had to hide…..behind ?????
you are one irresistible person I ever met
ever saw….
ever heard…
i see you again and again in the screen of mind..
the colored screen…….
its not stopping…………….
neither can I stop it

I wonder in my dreams late at night to look for you
I open my hair and search for you in every corner
I ask for you from every person that can be related to you
Give me your address
Dont be so rude……..
its not stopping…………….
neither can I stop it

I call loud your name
I speak to you in sleep
I dream of you
I walk with you down the aisle
I imagine you shall take me away
just carry me away, just carry me away
for ever and ever, I want to you to be mine

and me to be yours!
You are too much over my mind..
its not stopping…………….
neither can I stop it

Published by nidhk

I have an eager research-based approach to solve problems in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Applications. I find solutions based on my strong knowledge and foundations in the subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Optimization Techniques, Linear Algebra to mention a few. This is augmented by my high standard of coding skills which vary from C++, Java, Perl to Data Science languages such as Python, R and MATLAB. To further establish, it many of the my works have already been published online as research papers in well reputed journals. I have intense experience in Natural Language Processing applications such as summarization, search, retrieval, sentiment analysis, wordnet, deep learning. I have completed PhD specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Having worked on real time implementations of various applications of Computer Science. The domains that I have worked on are Health Care System, Electronic Document Management Systems, Natural Text Mining, EDA, Web Development etc. Apart from profession, I have inherent interest in writing especially poems, stories, doing painting, cooking, photography, music to mention a few!

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