Germany Election and The Climate Change Rally—It it just a co-incidence or vested co-occurrence ?

Any activity just few days before an election can change the course of elections. As a spectator, I view there is a contrast between the weekend German Election and the Climate Change Rally being called by youngsters and children.

Rest things are clear, hope you had German friends to ask them –the Why’s . I personally learned German for 3 years as a kid—but I preferred to wait to get Adult to comment on adults talks, which children know nothing of.

The key comparison points to note are:

  1. Climate issue were raised in last 15 years, why the rally now ?
  2. Just before Germany Elections ?
  3. Don’t you have an adult to trust in work ?
  4. The youngsters in the rally, some of them using enhancements which used non-climate change friendly things.  I saw a person wearing a penguin dress. Dear child, how much of carbon footprint your dress carries? If you are marching for climate change, have the courage to be yourselves climate friendly first.
  5. Any such march, especially started by children can fill in the gaps in voters’ minds, even though voters are adults, while those rallying are not-all adults, may be the rally was called by some children. I don’t know who called the rally just before the election in Germany. I just saw a rally in Germany.
  6. One thing the rally organizer want to emphasize is that— you have to vote a candidate that is solving climate crisis—can it be a vested interest of a groups. It can be thought like this. At least it can change the minds of adult voters.
  7. In so many countries any rally before elections is not allowed.
  8. What can be vested interest a rally ? None it seems, but it can be some one guiding children, as children are indeed not adults and can be swayed away by vested guidance…
  9. One of the female candidates in Germany is pressurizing a lot for climate change in Germany, may be …..
  10. But any such helps by social activists who are supposed to be nonpolitical is not a good thing. Even if played well in a dormant and safe way.
  11. Here the concern is “what will be our future?” , what do we want to give to our own children? A bad world?
  12. Children always demands things that adults do—be it anything—this is child way of growing up.
  13. What do you think children’s adults are working day and night for?
  14. And climate change is not the only issue of Germany election
  15. Look broad—Germans—
  16. Certain things are difficult to understand
  17. Is there good relation current government holds with Russia?
  18. Russia was claimed to be hacking so many data by the West…??
  19. What children know of working of climatic processes ? How much climate weight were you carrying ? Do you use recycled clothes, papers ?
  20. Often climate change issues are arisen due to extreme processes done in other part of planet.

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