AI based Application for Individuals Climate Sensitivity Index Computation 


 Abstract- This Artificial Intelligence based application in a way measures the climatic weight a person is carrying. The application can be used occasionally and can help in making individuals more sensitive to using right things and hence creating a demand of the climate safe products.  Once the basic steps have been performed the application can also be used to compute the carbon footprints of the things a person uses as a web application. For the demands makes the supplies, which causes the mass emition on large. It’s an individual choice, leading to group decisions impacting the demands of climate sensitive products.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, Climate

1.    Introduction

Climate change is a pre-dominant issue revolving around in all areas of life now. Every one’s life is impacted by some effect of climate change or other.  Yes, big measures are required in the area of climate change, but the individual responsibility, ownership and awareness can not be rules out. It all begins with a single step towards the goal. The goal is a better Earth, better in terms of balance in the environmental phenomenon and their atmospheric effects. The effect of imbalance in climate do affect the climate in another place. Hence, a climate crisis in one region of the planet may not be directly linked to the neglect of environment in that place. But indeed, it can be effect of not so well-handled process which are sensitive to climate in other places.

The climatic processes on a planet are related to each other, we share the same atmosphere. The air circulates across the planet. Hence, a place facing severe climatic implications can not be directly blamed to not handling its environment well. Indeed, if one watches the way low and high pressures are maintained on a planet. It can be seen an excessive heating in one place can cause winds to flow in that direction, causing a low pressure in another region, which in fact did no excessive heating. The key point to note here is that all climatic conditions are interrelated. Atmosphere does not belong to one nation.

The main emphasis here is to note that, every individual has used some climate sensitive product, and hence is responsible in some way for climatic changes, even though very small. The climatic changes are evident in form of extreme weather, melting ice or even collection of piles of plastic wastes. Hence, the key motivation of this article is not to focus on one region to examine its climatic conditions and problems but rather to consider the planet as one entity and suggest some measure for the same.

This article propose an Artificial Intelligence based application which can have a look of the picture of a person and can calculate the amount of climate sensitive things the person is wearing. As said before it is an issue in which every person on planet has to take steps. Each mind has to be lighted with the fact that the individual decisions on using climate sensitive things accumulates to become the community baggage of climate issues. Hence, it is pertinent to start from individual levels. For this reason, this AI based application shall calculate the climate sensitive things a person is using, and this shall assist the individuals in doing the right and wrong choices.

Nothing can change, until individuals reject to use climate sensitive things. For instance, once they stop using clothes using plastic buttons, then only wooden buttons will begin to use on clothes. Similarly, once individuals say no to plastic based paints, then new innovations will be embarked. It all starts with individual, at least to come extent, individuals do play a small role in this process. Hence, the need to make individuals, more aware of climate sensitive things they are using, be it an artificial earing. However, it must be noted, this does not undermine in any way, the necessity to handle greenhouse gases, emictions, mass carbon footprints. All this article proposes is an application which uses Artificial Intelligence to make individuals do their duty in declaring themselves as wearing the green things. This may affect in small way though, but every single step does matter in a long journey.

2.    Proposed Application

The application has the following components:

  1. The input: The input to the system can be categorized in the following categories:
  2. Face Picture in the scanner
  3. Full Photo of individual in the scanner
  4. Video telling the steps to be followed by the AI based scanner
  5. Barcode, definition of product used by the individual

The aim is to capture the target image and/or video and to use computer vision techniques to evaluate the kind of material used. This shall be detected by the scanner on its own. In this way the application can register in the climatic weight a person is carrying. Be it a synthetic cloth or a plastic bottle by the side of the backpack. The scanner can be used once or twice a month and can help in making individuals more sensitive to using right things and hence creating a demand of the climate safe products.

In case an individual wants to calculate the carbon footprints of an item he/she uses more often, the barcode or code form the list given in application can be entered along with the quantity and the application may return the weight the belonging of a person carries.

This part of application primarily uses computer vision to fragment the scanned data/barcode extracted data into its constituent parts and send it to the next module.

  • The response form application

The response from the application can be interactive, in case the application needs more inputs. Especially, when the inputs are not suffice, as in case of short scan of image, missing keywords in definition, barcode not found or the video image required as the individual want to calculate the aggregate measure of the climate weight. This part of application is a Natural Language Processing based engine. In this part the application can even ask the type of cloth the particular product have, in case it can’t analyze it by AI based techniques.  This part can orally or in written way verify the components to be evaluated. This would help in making the climate sensitivity index more accurate.  

  • The climate sensitivity index

The climate weight or climate sensitivity index as we may call it can be calculated with help of experts. Hence this part of the application is an Expert System, which uses the knowledge base to compute the sensitivity weights of an accessory a person is using, be it a synthetic ribbon. This knowledge bases system shall require feeding data in form of a database or a xml file to make the application understand different parts being separated in Step 1 and their associated index. The value of the small plastic button can be computed using the formula given below. Let us consider we need to compute the climate sensitivity of product n1. Then let the carbon footprint in making of 100 units of n1 be c1. The carbon footprint of one unit can hence be computed using simple computation. There are other factors such as pollution index,  plastic waste and ozone effect, which can be suitably be computed for one unit using similar logics.

  • The suggestion

Once the sensitivity index is computed, the results can be provided to the users. Further, these results can be used to compute the community and region-based choices people make. This in turn can help in making more awareness among the community to choose the right products for demands. For the demands makes the supplies, which causes the mass emition on large. Its an individual choice, leading to group decisions impacting the demands of climate sensitive products.

3.    Conclusion and Future Works

The aim is just to compute the climate sensity index a person want to calculate. This is not way is mandatory exercise, but an optional initiative a person can avail, to be more climate aware. To know in more details how what even a small earing made of artificial product can affect the environment in. This is a proposed technique; it may take time to build up the knowledge base and the computation metrics. However, it is suggested here that a quick model can be build in, for people to become more aware. The intricate details can be added in a timely manner as and when available. The aim once again is to make individuals sensitive towards what they use and demand, and how their demand of a things like plastic can impact the climate though in a very small way.


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