Short Fictional Story, casted in lands of flying tiny bunny rabbits

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Note: This is purely fictional short story. No character in story reflects any person living or passed away. This story is casted in a different place in Universe

Once upon a time there were tiny bunny flying rabbits on the planet, the planet, FlyingTinyBunny,  of tiny bunny flying rabbits. There planet was filled with sludge so they all took off in a spaceship. On a new planet, Bingarliovt, which they reached by spaceship, were so many other kinds of species. Other species from distant planets came by and made friends with each other. They lived happily. The grandmother of flying tiny bunny rabbits, Tinirabbit, loved to see the affection and love. But no one knew, not even Tinirabbit,  that the  wives of flying tiny bunny rabbits wanted to leave her grandsons for better options on Bingarliovt. She had too many grandsons.

One day she saw the females of Bingarliovt fleeing away in numbers leaving behind her grandsons alone. It was too much for Tinirabbit, as her boy rabbits were not getting the lovers  they wanted. Not even female cats wanted her grandsons. The best and in fact so many were all taken away. The rest of the female species were dominating Tinirabbit’s boys. The females become the leaders of Tinirabbit, grandsons and were dictating them their rules. Tinirabbit was not liking the way her grandson were suppressed.

All that the male flying tiny bunny rabbits didn’t knew they were reduced to just eating carrots. No one prayed them ever again. The way Tinirabbit prayed her husband tiny bunny flying rabbit. Soon the carrots her boys were eating were finishing. What would Tinirabbit’s boys do, no more carrots, no wives to cook, so running away was only solution.

In the end Tinirabbit took all her boys in the same spaceship with all tiny bunny rabbits to a new place, a new planet. Finally, reached LoveAtTinnyBunny Planet. There, Tinirabbit-  her flying rabbits married new wives,  who loved her grandsons. Many  female flying sparrows, hummingbirds too were there.

She told her tiny bunny flying male rabbits to be strong and fight for their rights on love and freedom. She told them, a male is indeed a man, whether a rabbit or cat. She showed them how male flying kangaroo and female flying kangaroos  had different roles to play in their love lives relatationship. They left FlyingTinyBunny for Bingarliovt, and now again on search of a new planet, in search of food and love.  All to reach LoveAtTinnyBunny.  There in this new planet Tinirabbit boys were respected, loved and prayed. Sometimes one needs to keep going. And that needs strength. They lived in this place with confidence for ever, as they got the love they seeked. And love can change everything.

Moral of Story: Don’t be defeated by defeat and keep going in search of your lives. Love can change everything. Sometime running away is the only solution out of a problem, but even running away needs courage.  As they ran away to three new planets in search of love and freedom.

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