Guide Your Children If They Are Misguided By Peer Groups #parenting


Here are the key point of the article for better parenting .

  1. Guide your children if they fall in to peer pressure
  2. If you see a child way of learning–child wants to do what an adult does
  3. Even in teenage years, a child tries to do things more better way than an adult
  4. Teenagers are better to listening than children
  5. Guide them, the things they are not a part of–especially politics.
  6. Politics need experienced people who are mature and not just fashion concious.
  7. Fashion itself is climate sensitive topic now.
  8. Children always wants to do what their friends and peers do.
  9. Even teenagers want to have the things their school friends have.
  10. Teach your kids, certain things just belong to experienced people.
  11. The youth is the age for them to learn and grow.
  12. If one plant in the garden is weed, it will make all plants waste.
  13. Save your children from weeds, they are beautiful flowers.

That is all for today. Will be back on parenting soon.

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