How to deal with climate change with small intelligent budget ? Answer: Change the demand for Climate Sensitive Products. And invest in R&D.

How should a global climate change be handled. How to fund such changes. Then the answer is “It has to start from individual”.

When each individual takes responsibility to ask for “Green Products”, we wont need so much money into the system. But the demand of “Greener Products” shall make a change in productions and manufacturing of “Greener Products” .

Once these “Greener Products” are in market – be in anything form a normal notebook using plastic sheets to a lunch box to bigger things like replacement of petrol pumps to charging stations. Private players own the petrol pumps who needs funding for it then, small businessmen can take up loans form government and start the charging stations. Provided people wants electric cars. I prefer horses though or bio-gas fueled cars. Which wont be a viable option as people need to see change – something happening.

Hence — The money certain countries are asking for climate change – it is all — there– in the system. Only thing needed is will to do it. The will that we need to change the “DEMAND AND SUPPLY CYCLE” TO A “GREEN DEMAND AND GREEN SUPPLY”

It all starts with “Me”. Each person have to be awakened that it all starts with individual and when all individuals or majority of them agree to it, a bigger shift in demand will be made. The same companies who are supplying plastic tiffin box or plastic toys will start to make wooden or natural rubber based tiffin boxes and toys.

But if the people are not motivated, what would march on streets do, what would leaders meeting in summit do, how so much money they put in investments in countries would be less, till the supply and demand is changed to a greener supply and a greener demand.

Yes, money need to be injected for climate change but for better and new innovative solutions from science to be developed. For example — release of funds to make a water proof material that can replace plastic made from – natural rubber and natural jute fibers and so on.

Hence the crux of article is the leaders should motivate people to use Greener Products. Tell them that this would change the supply chain, and it should not burden anyone in pandemic times to pay for it. Each individual shall pay same, but get benefit in double- lesser pollution and better products. Governments never owned petrol pumps – Did they ? So they still need to make electric battery charging stations ?

Hence not much money is needed to change supply chain, but who will tell this to local people ? Who ? Every problem have a solution – only thing is BELIEF, DETERMINATION AND CALM POSITIVE ATTITUTE not ANGER.

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