Obama says- Young People be Angry? What you did – 8 years as President ? You like them marching on Roads??

Barack Hussein Obama II [1] who served as the 44th president of the United States from 2009 to 2017. 8 years as Americas President ! What did he do for climate change ? What ? and now he asks children to stay angry as per BBC news [5]. What he wants them to march on roads ? In anger ? What bricks you laid as foundation for future for climate change — can we know ? Why should the younger generation be on roads in anger for you didn’t took enough base steps ?

The Kyoto Protocol [7] was an international treaty United Nations on Climate Change that commits to reduce greenhouse gas based on the scientific consensus. Why you ignored CLIMATE CHANGE Obama?

  1.  Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) [8], which started in 2009. USA was part of it or not ? Obama was President then or not ? What he did then as foundation for future generations? Now telling younger people to be angry? On whom ? You ?
  2. Doha Amendment in 2012 was well in your office time ? What action you took for Climate Change then ? Why you didnt engage in it when world was engaging in it.
  3. Paris Agreement was a treaty on Climate Change to bind global heating on 1.5 degrees.
  4. Barack Obama was part of Paris Agreement.
  5. This means climate change was a topic of talk in his Presidency from 2009 to 2017.
  6. What were the foundation steps Barak Obama took for climate change?
  7. What were the first bricks he laid for Climate change that still world is struggling with climate issues?
  8. What all he started for climate change in his 8 years of Presidency – given an agreement called Paris Agreement has to be called for — that means climate change was seen all over.
  9. Please Obama dont ask younger generation to be angry
  10. You want them to march on roads
  11. Let the people doing work do work
  12. Tell us what you did in office for 8 years in climate change?
  13. What impact you have
  14. Just a loud voice is no more enough to win
  15. Actions speak better than words
  16. What were your actions
  17. Had right steps been taken a decade back- so many lives had been saved from climate change
  18. And now you want children to be angry?
  19. I personally don’t like young people marching on roads
  20. Ans some people like you — having loud voices making impact
  21. Its no more that voice loudness matter —- its actions and intents now
  22. As per reference [5] below, Mr Obama said the world is “nowhere near where we need to be” to avoid a future climate catastrophe.” He criticised Donald Trump’s “active hostility toward climate science”, but said the US is ready to lead again.
  23. What policies you made for climate science to be used Barak Obama?
  24. What?
  25. Why were things not set for Trump?
  26. Why?
  27. When things were seen changing in 2010 –when you were a world leader — why no climate science was studies
  28. Everything is not just giving money, why no innovative techniques implemented for climate change in 8 years of your office
  29. Why Parris agreement came so late ?

The following is screenshot from wiki link in reference [1].

In this Obama is claimed to have said – “Even if we meet every target, we will only get to part of where we need to go.” [taken from reference [1]]


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