The Water Planes! The Water Traffic Control ! Needed / Required ?

Nidhika Yadav

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Jet ski, water motorcycle or bike are used as fun activity for tourists visiting a lake or a smooth sea. But one must note it has high capabilities to be enrolled as a member of water police loaded on ships to protect the international borders and to secure international borders.

The latest news I read online about a water container being harmed by an unknown sea mountain, seem quite bizarre. This motivated me to think of solutions to find how a water container can be damaged and how the body of the water container was not able to detect the danger of a sea mountain.

Well various questions may come in mind with such a thing as these water containers were in sea, which is not as shallow as low lakes, with unruly beds. And the place of incidence was near China Sea. So it can be a mechanism to protect the boundaries and exterior of their water regions by artificial sea mountains, which can harm other water containers. Or was it manual harm ? Or was it some kind of intentional damage ? Who know — for this one need to have The water planes!

Aquaman, movie showed jet ski water motorcycles that were able to ride inside the water and deep sea. When shall such jet ski water motorcycles shall come in reality ? These jet ski motorcycles, which can run inside water can give a real good hand to those who ski in water to manually check the well being of water bodies, so till Artificial Intelligence based water (aqua) robots don’t come in, why not heal the waters with water jet ski motorcycles which are capable to travel inside water, to take care of all the water concerns I talked of in my previous article, which include not only, water flora and water fauna, but water pollution and even water oxygen levels.

These can be referred to as water patrols by jet ski with a water proof caps. to dive in water and drive in there. However, one must frame rules and regulations of inner water driving — safety of other objects as well as scheduling the paths travelled, much before, just like an airplane schedules its path in advance before flight. Why this is needed to maintain the Water Traffic Control. This is required to make sure all inside the water owned by a country are flying well within water — Yes this is like flying inside water in water proof jet ski motorcycles or rather planes as they shall have wings like fish! So the name water planes suits well!

Further, the protection of international water bodies by building artificial water mountains is really a good idea. This will make sure any illegal transportation is not entered in the waters of the country without prior permissions.

It is like setting an under water check post which have capability to act as a water mountain when required to stop non-permitted water vehicles in a region. This shall even allow for making the paths in oceans that are permitted to be travelled — what is wrong in it. The jet ski, water motor cycles can launch in from inside to collect the culprits who are trying to get illegal things inside the water of a country by entering secretly through water boundaries.

These water planes can be really helpful in many other ways which include not just protecting the water boundaries but also, for leisure and mode of travels, travel where in people can view the water kingdoms while reaching one island of a country to another island.

However man kind must know, that as birds were emptied from skies by concrete jungle and planes. This must not be the case for water planes, water planes are for security of flora and fauna and for giving to essential needs of those who serve water. The people driving the water planes must make sure that water kingdoms have life and can be hurted it they are not driving well — hence where they drive and when and how they empty the space in front of it by creating a empty bubble so that no fish is harmed and all are sidelined need to be studies. There shall be separate driving rules was water plane pilots, and it must not harm any water plant or fish and like. Apart from that must be in constant touch with local and international water traffic controller, yes the water planes!

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