The Green Pizza


Green leaves- I took only fenugreek leaves 80 grams, cheese of the kind you like on pizza, one tomato, pizza base (I made myself, how, read in separate article) and pizza seasoning one likes.

Step 1. Take the green leaves – I took only fenugreek leaves, I like its taste on its own and without mixing with other green leaves. It has a peculiar taste, not very blunt kind of bitter.

Step 2. Wash this plate full of leaves and take out the water through the sieve and then after the water is out, put it on pan with full flame. Washing just prior to cooking is needed else the dry leaves cannot be cooked as what we like to, the wetness in leaves is required.

Step 3. Right now the pan is full, heat it for a while, to cook it, no need to add any kind of oil in it.

Step 4. Taste it now, it should taste cooked, heat for a while more till it is compressed more and dried little more and that is the perfect taste of fenugreek cooked! Here is how it looks. See how much it reduced in size and quantity.

Step 5. Cut one tomato in small parts and empty the contents of the pan in a plate.

Step 6. Take the Pizza base, I made my own pizza base. And now cover it with the pizza sauce you use. The decorate the pizza base with the green leaves, then tomatoes on top of all this.

Step 7. Cover it with cheese of your choice.

Step 8. Time to put it in microwave, it took me 4 minutes to melt the cheese and get the Pizza ready.

Step 9. Serve it hot. With the seasoning you like the best !

A good thing to try when you know cooking! I wanted to eat green and hence this!

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