Artificial Intelligence based Water Robots; The Aqua Robots — Benefits and needs

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Why aquatic life is neglected ? Why pollution is growing in aquatic ecosystems ? Why water breeds are in extinctions ? The answer is — We cannot be in water all time to know well being of the water life, water based plants and water animals, so we need Water Robots as well. Water Robots is the term framed in this article to refer to water based robotic and its certainly beneficial use for the water ecosystem and hence humans as well, as we all love water kingdom and want to preserve it. However, we cannot dive in deep all time to check it. The human lungs compresses beyond a limit after a time inside water. So how to take care of our pet and dear sea animals and water plants. The solution I present here is — Aqua Robots!

Its is but to preserve the depleting and endangered species of both aqua-flora and aqua-fauna. Yes for sure it shall be robot based on Artificial Intelligence, which knows how to collect data about the well being of plants and animals, the temperature of water at a particular time, the pollutant levels in the water they are testing.

All this to say, the Artificial Intelligence based robots, should make sure they do not harm any living being inside water, be it plant or fish or any other sea animal. This is why we need a Artificial Intelligence based robot not just any robot. Any normal robot which does not work with Artificial Intelligence can cause unwanted harm to water ecosystem.

These aqua robots need to be intelligent than the self-driving cars — why as till now there are no rules, there are no roads and there are no sign board neither any zebra crossing for animals. Hence, these are needed for welfare of aquatic life, hence they must serve the water kingdoms and not cause damage there. This is why an intelligent Aqua Robot is needed which even have emotional intelligence to cater with the emotions of animals in sea.

Further, these robots are Artificial Intelligence based robots and hence can even gain, the estimate of population count of the fishes in a region, in coming times using computer vision techniques. Also, this can guide the fishers where to fish, and stop fishing when a particular fish population is in mating time or the baby fishes are dominant in a region and may be also tell the time when adult fishes are in good number to fishers.

These AI based water robots can guide in telling where the water shrubs are in abundant and can be taken out for cultivations and where more water shrubs can be grown. These shall help both in retaining the balance in water environment in balance and more water crops can be grown in a more regularized way, not just that anyone can go in and take it. There must be some regulations of use of these natural resources a place owns. AI based robots can help us in a lot of ways for cultivation of sea crops.

There are many more applications of AI Robots in aquatic welfare. Pollutant handling is another, how to measure when pollution level in a particular part of water in oceans is getting too bad. Another aspect is what happens when oil is spilled in ocean water by mistakes, here AI based robotic infrastructure can help in. Only thing is one needs to be ready with such things, given each year we hear at least one or two oil spill problems, so why AI based robots not ready to handle all this ?

Yet another application of Water Robots is to measure the oxygen, carbon and carbo di oxide levels constantly on regal basis and how the water kingdom is responding to our efforts to heal the water and hence them. If they are healthy and we consume water plants, shrubs and animals then it shall in a way effect us. For example there is a food — water caltrop — which is grown in fresh water lakes and rivers. I personally have grown up eating water caltrop. But now given the pollution in water I have stopped consuming water caltrop.

Water caltrop is just an example and has huge health benefits know in since long and has been cultivated in Asia since at least 3000 years. The AI based water robots can help mankind in preserving such water foods, apart from help in cultivating them at right places with a shift with crop rotation as well as help in feeding the sea animals with right food either natural or the supplements when needed, by learning to be doctor of these sea animals.

Also, foremost, these trained Aqua Robots, shall in free time will be sweeping the water beds of all kind of non environment friendly things, be it plastic, nets from fishing, cloths, thrown of things, and make sea, oceans and deep lakes, river beds beautiful again so that we can even visit the sea beds and do sea-bed walks, ocean-bed walks, river and lake-floor walks obviously with right scuba toolkits and restricted time limit to be inside water.


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